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Growth Geeks Blogging Gigs

Description: Content Marketing is crucial these days, and blogging is awesome, but it's definitely time intensive. If you don't want to spend the time or energy on it, you could always outsource blogging. It's difficult to find a quality writer, but Growth Geeks offers ten different blogging related gigs, from two articles a month for just $79, up to eight premium posts a month.


Quuu Promote

Description: This is the easiest and absolutely one of the most cost effective ways I've found to promote content. You submit your content, choose a category, and as long as it's not too sales-y they usually approve it. It is then used to feed the content feeds of all the lovely folks using Quuu to fill their social media feeds with good stuff.

Link: Quuu Promote


Description: A resource for finding effective writers that can create blog content for your company. You'll have several options to choose from and many of the writers are college grads or professionals who are passionate about writing. Articles can be written for $25 a pop to $45 based on what you need.



Description: Hugely popular within the Startup community, Medium has a beautifully elegant web editor. It's a great place to post if you don't want to host your own blog, and it's easy to grow a following within the very active community.


WP Curve

Description: If you host your own Wordpress site, you know how annoying it can be to try to modify some tiny portion of a theme and not be able to quite figure it out. And if something breaks, life is even worse. You don't have time to fool with that. And you need to be able to sleep at night knowing that someone will fix it when it breaks. WP Curve wants to be that someone, with a large team of developers ready to take care of your system for you. This affordable subscription service offers unlimited small 30 minute jobs to keep your Wordpress site in tiptop shape.


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