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Top ICO List

Description: This is a listing of tons of ICOs that are going on. Good to research if you're considering an ICO for your own startup.


Campus Starter

Description: Campus Starter is a rewards or presales model crowdfunding site (think Kickstarter) that works exclusively with college entrepreneurs. They do this in two ways, 1) by giving a school/club a free 'white-label' page within their site for just their entrepreneurs or 2) by allowing a student entrepreneur to list at large. Additionally, Campus Starter offers a founder matching software via an API and access to partners like Open Legal, Xero Accounting and Deluxe for the entrepreneurs to tap into.

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Description: Celery is like a Kickstarter but focuses on pre-orders and crowdfunding for Startups and info products and tech products. Their platform works by adding 2% on top of your regular Stripe or PayPal transactional fees. It also handles delayed payments, referrals, split payments and more.



Description: Foundersuite is a collection of 5 web apps and 80 templates. Foundersuite's flagship tool is Investor Search + CRM which helps you build a list of target investors and manage your fundraise. Also included are pitch decks, financial models, cap tables, term sheets and much more.


Forward Partners

Description: In the UK and have an awesome idea and need funding? Forward Partners invests in companies from the idea stage to the seed stage (post launch). Investing in just an idea sounds insane to me, but they make it work by operating really as an incubator and investing in you and working with your idea to take it from concept to fruition. From Customer Discovery, to development, hiring and fundraising, Forward Partners can bring your UK startup to life.



Description: I actually first learned about Kiva from the Wall Street Journal (how non-techy is that?) and am including them here because of their novel approach to fundraising: Get friends and family (or strangers) to vouch for you by donating at least $25 each, and then get access to up to $10,000 in a no-interest loan. Whatever your friends/family/network can't provide, Kiva will, in order to get you up to $10k.


Your First Investor

Description: It is a curated list of equity free funding options available around the world to help startups grow and succeed.



Description: A crowdfunding platform, for US startups only. Over $7M has been raised through this platform.


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