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Category Recommendation: Rocket Lawyer

Description: Hiring attorneys is expensive, but companies like Rocket Lawyer are really reducing the need to hire them. Whatever document you need to set up your Startup, Rocket Lawyer will have it, and their site makes it incredibly easy to fill in the details and have a legally airtight contract. I originally used them to generate a TOS for a website, and it was the first time I ever found a truly good and affordable TOS/Privacy Policy generator. For a small monthly fee, you get unlimited access to their documents, and even some access to attorneys if you need advice. You can't beat that deal.



Description: Easiest way to understand, buy and manage insurance for your business. Digital quoting, free 1-on-1 consultation with an expert, and by using this link you get FREE access to the Wallet insurance management platform (a $99 value).



Description: If you need baseline legal templates for your Startup, docracy has a ton of them. It claims that it's the web only open collection of legal documents. You can also sign documents online with the site, great for working within remote teams. Note that this link goes to a founder collaboration as an example.



Description: If you're in the UK and need legal services, Lexoo wants to connect you to the right attorney. They make it easy. You just post your job, attorneys will bid on the work, and then you can have a call with them and see if they are a good fit.


Startup Documents

Description: If you're a bootstrapped Startup who can't afford an attorney but wants to make sure you're on the right path legally, Startup Documents allows you to generate and store the documents you'll need in the early stages of your business. Flat pricing so that you don't get surprised unpleasantly, and it's a whole lot cheaper than an attorney.



Description: Use TermsFeed to generate Terms of Service and Privacy Policies for your site. Boring but required, they'll help keep you in the clear legally. They have free templates that you can download and alter yourself, or a generator if you just want to pay to get it produced for you very quickly.


Trademark Factory

Description: Trademarking your company name is pretty important in order to have legal grounds to defend it if anyone else every tries to use it, or just approaches too closely with a similar name. Based out of Canada, Trademark Factory handles trademark registration for both the US and Canada. Free preliminary due diligence search at their site for your desired Trademark.


Walker Corporate Law

Description: If you've ever listened to Mixergy, you've probably heard Andrew Warner promote Scott Edward Walker, the attorney behind Walker Corporate Law. Any smart attorney has a niche, and Walker has chosen entrepreneurs and Startups to be his niche. He knows the ins and outs of the law as it pertains to our world, so if you need to hire an attorney, he's a good place to start.



Description: Super cost effective legal services for start ups and early stage companies in the UK. They have an in-house resource they claim can deliver legal documents >50% cheaper than most law firms. If they can't help you, they have a UK wide network of pre-approved lawyers to pitch for the work.


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