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This is an uncategorized list of user-submitted startups until March 2016. After that date, all startups submitted have been categorized if accepted by our curation team.

User submitted startups for March 2016


Description: provides on-demand access to expert web developers and designers for small businesses using the Shopify, Bigcommerce or WordPress platform on a low cost per task basis.

Categories: Site Support



Description: BlinkEval addresses the most common challenges of traditional employee Performance Reviews by allowing employees to quickly provide real-time individual performance feedback to their colleagues and other stakeholders. Real-time feedback enhances employee engagement, improving productivity, retention and organizational effectiveness.

Categories: HR software technology



Description: Zenbership is open source software that provides membership-based small businesses & organizations with the tools they need to acquire, convert, and retain members. The program is designed to combine multiple tools into a single platform, freeing up businesses to focus on efficiently marketing their services rather than trying to manage them.

Categories: CRMs



Description: Over 60,000 plus teams worldwide use Slack to communicate with each other. But, none of these teams have been able to use it to communicate with their site's visitors. Until now. Introducing Slaask. A customer service chat app for Slack. Bringing all your team -and client!- communication together in one place.

Categories: Help Desk, User Chat



Description: Brand24 provides a reliable, easy to use, and affordable solution to get instant access to online mentions relevant to your brand, products, competitors or topic of interest. It allows you to both track and engage online conversations relevant to your business. Follow-up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors, or respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you. 80% of consumers do research or ask online before making a buying decision. Brand24 gives you the listening tools to find these leads, identify where to promote products and find customers before they find you!

Categories: Monitoring


User submitted startups for February 2016

Description: CountUp is a free platform for entrepreneurs to find and work with on demand accountants, and they do all the legwork of searching, inquiring and delegating tasks for you, saving you time and money. No more bloated accounting firm hourly rates, physical visits to “brick & mortar” locations, and wasted time searching on your own. Just tell us your situation and they will match you with the right accountant who will get accounting done. Safely collaborate online, exchange files, e-sign legal documents and pay only for work you approve. CountUp has curated a network of hand-picked independent accountants who specialize in startups and entrepreneurs. These experts were screened to have a valid CPA license and considerable work experience with startups. CountUp is like having access to a firm with an endless supply of on-demand accounting services, minus the massive overhead that would cost you an arm and a leg.

Categories: Financial, Accounting



Description: CrankWheel is free for individual use. Instantly share your browser tab or screen, zero preparation required, to increase sales and improve customer support. Your customer's attention is captured. White label and other enterprise features available. Viewers can use any browser on any device, even their smartphone, and a preview window shows you exactly what they see and when.

Categories: Sales, Screen Sharing, Collaboration



Description: Teamleader enables small and medium-sized businesses to stay organized, build better relationships and collaborate with their team in a single tool. A simple and straightforward interface with a variety of integrations allows growing enterprises to successfully manage their clients, be more efficient, and work smarter.

Categories: Productivity, administration tool, enterprise software, CRM



Description: Nitro lets you translate your texts into 40+ languages. Enter your text and comments, select languages, add funds to your account, wait for a few minutes to a few hours and then get your text, which have been translated by a team of professional translators. Nitro is awesome for translating private and business letters, texts for websites, product descriptions, tweets, blog updates, multilingual technical support messages. Nitro is much easier to use than working with a regular translation agency. And it achieves exponentially better quality than regular online translation services such as Google Translate.

Categories: Writing, Translation


Campus Starter

Description: Campus Starter is a rewards or presales model crowdfunding site (think Kickstarter) that works exclusively with college entrepreneurs. They do this in two ways, 1) by giving a school/club a free 'white-label' page within their site for just their entrepreneurs or 2) by allowing a student entrepreneur to list at large. Additionally, Campus Starter offers a founder matching software via an API and access to partners like Open Legal, Xero Accounting and Deluxe for the entrepreneurs to tap into.

Categories: Fund Raising



Description: Increase sales, email sign ups and boost conversion rates with our 14+ optimization apps built to help you make money. From email collecting and survey pop ups, to FAQ pages and apps that show happy customers, sales, and more. GrooveJar is free to try with no CC required. Use the coupon code "startupresources" to get 3,000 free website visitors (normally, users get 1,000 free when they sign up).

Categories: List Building



Description: Goalchieve is an online, collaborative tool that allows users to share their knowledge, advice and experience in order to help each other achieve goals. Unlike typical q&a website, goalchieve allows you to split your big question into small, easy to follow steps. You describe what your goal is, and other users give you suggestions on how you should approach it. But here's where the magic starts: once you get stuck again, you ask follow-up question, and the process continues, until you achieve your goal!

Categories: Advice / Social Media / Networking


Flash Issue

Description: Beautiful Email Marketing for Gmail. Design amazing emails with our drag-and-drop editor. Create mailing lists and send bulk email all from Gmail. Flashissue lets you get around the bulk emailing limits set by Google. Great for start-ups who want the convenience and speed of email marketing from a place they know - Gmail.

Categories: Newsletter



Description: Easily create high converting video ads and video ad campaigns for Facebook and YouTube. Veeroll allows a newbie in video advertising, professional video advertisers or digital agencies to create video ads in minutes without any video editing. It's free to start, and they have guides on making video advertising as affordable as possible.

Categories: Advertising


User submitted startups for January 2016


Description: Weirdly is recruitment software built by startups, for startups. Based on a simple, customisable quiz, Weirdly automagically ranks your job applicants by how well they'll fit your team. Saving you time and money by helping you get to a better shortlist, faster. Taking CV's out of your inbox and into an easy-to-manage dashboard. And attracting the top talent with a customised, fun candidate experience.

Categories: Hiring


Financials OnTap

Description: Financials OnTap is a service that matches freelance top finance & accounting talent with startups. We offer a flexible cost-efficient way to plan, budget, and report on your business. We are project based and on-demand model which means you pay only for what you need and we operate on your timeline. We do budgets, projections, planning, presentation development, investor reporting, metric tracking and dashboarding, cap tables and give all around solid advice, such as: "this stuff shouldn't be expensive!" Rates start at $50/hr. Get pro forma's built for as little as $300.

Categories: Financial



Description: Logaster is one of the best sites which you can use to create logo online. It gives you professional looking logo. All you need is to enter a name and add a business type. The service generates dozens of logo concepts to choose from. You are free to to edit or download as is. Logaster supports popular image formats such as PNG, PDF, SVG, and of course, JPEG. Note that creating a beautiful logo is as simple as a few steps. It’s aim is for anyone without designs skills whatsoever to be able to create a professional logo. Logaster also allows you to create favicons, business cards, envelopes and blanks.

Categories: Logos



Description: Get White Label Software + Services - 500+ agencies trust us with their client's marketing! LOCAL SEO PLAN STARTS @ $199/mo. NATIONAL SEO PLAN STARTS @ $299/mo. Be it SEO, PPC or Social, our professional white label Audits will help you quickly create in-depth Audit on client’s website. Impress clients with fully branded PDF Reports. Track progress of your campaigns at one place – Keyword Rankings, Project Management dashboard & KPI Report. Track campaign conversions on dashboard - Call Tracking, Web Lead Tracking and Live Chat Tracking.

Categories: SEO


Description: Get feedback from real people quickly and easily on your website, app, or idea. Run surveys to our pools of smart reviewers to learn how to improve conversion on your website, how to make your app easier to use, validate and explore a business idea before you build it out, and use customer discovery techniques to find problems that you can solve in a target market. If you want, choose the age range and interests of the survey takers.

Categories: Customer Discovery, Feedback, Conversion


User submitted startups for December 2015


Description: We work round the clock providing 24/7 services to small, mid, and large sized businesses and even to busy professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them complete time-intensive tasks such as web research and document creation which in turn helps you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business.

Categories: Virtual Assistants



Description: Use Privy's free exit intent popups, forms and landing page tools to grow your email list. Collect emails with targeted digital promotions, discounts, and signup forms. Enjoy limitless customization. Use Privy's intuitive editor to build striking designs that blend into your existing theme. Privy integrates with dozens of email marketing and CRM software providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact. Automatically sync all data collected through Privy with your other marketing software.

Categories: Conversion, growth hacking, leads, marketing



Description: Distelli manages your applications as they progress through the development lifecycle, with complete visibility of who did what and when along the way.

Categories: Automation



Description: Vibby is the fastest way to repurpose existing video content, providing a platform that enables users to highlight, share and discuss the best parts of an online video. Our vision is to empower people to make the most of video by providing the tools that enable people to share the moments that matter in any video.

Categories: Video



Description: Foundersuite is a collection of 5 web apps and 80 templates. Foundersuite's flagship tool is Investor Search + CRM which helps you build a list of target investors and manage your fundraise. Also included are pitch decks, financial models, cap tables, term sheets and much more.

Categories: Fundraising



Description: Searchfuse SEO Platform and SEO Tools provide unmatched global SEO analysis, reporting and campaign management support. Our SEO platform features a focused approach to recognise and classify the biggest search opportunities, keyword research, link building and enables marketers to execute on their strategy. The key features include: Keyword Ranking, Analytics Software, Project Dashboard, Task Management, Competitive Intelligence, Technical Site Health, SEO Reporting. SEO Campaigns with Searchfuse are simply better.

Categories: SEO Platform & Tool



Description: Landing page optimization via user feedback. Give UsersThink a landing page or page on your website that you'd like feedback on, and within 24 hours you'll get focused feedback in terms of what works and what doesn't, giving you a faster sense of how to improve your site and offering.

Categories: Conversion Tools



Description: ScreenLab is a simulated eye tracking tool which produces heat maps to show which elements on your page / UI will draw the users attention. Using ScreenLab to scan your landing pages, websites or app UI can help you discover if your calls to action are being missed, if other elements of the page are too distracting and to rapidly compare the likely impact of colour, size and position changes. This enables you to quickly find ways of improving UX and increasing conversions.

Categories: UX tools / Conversion Tools



Description: Sellsy is a no brainer sales suite for Startups, avoiding the mess of connecting various SaaS systems: with Sellsy, you'll up and running for all your core needs in a few days. Sellsy is a complete tool including CRM, invoicing, time tracking, project management, email marketing, help desk and more... Many nifty features will help you getting more done: widgets for your site, Gmail or Outlook extensions, mobile apps, electronic signatures, proposal and contracts manager... A fully fledged API let startups easily integrate all these features in their apps.

Categories: Sales / CRM / Time Tracking / Project Management



Description: SPOTDLY is a brand showcase where any startup, new businesses or entrepreneurs can share and manage brands by using their principal element, its concept. The company has created a new perspective for people to take a look at the importance of building inspiring brand concepts for businesses. SPOTDLY serves as a tool to continuously evolve the communication channel between a business and its customers and employees. It helps businesses create solid brand concepts. Through the "Match" button on SPOTDLY’s web app, users can track their most interesting features. Registration is the only requirement to use the platform.

Categories: Branding



Description: Make awesome video ads to publish on Facebook and YouTube, right in your browser, by uploading your business photos and video clips to ready made video designs by professional motion graphic artists.

Categories: marketing


User submitted startups for November 2015

Daily Pnut

Description: A humorous daily e-mail summary of the news which has been featured widely in Time Magazine, Inc., The Muse and Elite Daily. Widely read in the US and aimed at brightening up your mornings and giving you all the information you need for the rest of the day.

Categories: News / Media / Humor


Visual Hunt

Description: Free high quality images curated from multiple sources and manually tagged. More than 15.000 best free public domain photos (CC0) and more than 350 mln CC photos. Search and filter by color. Check how many websites use the photo (beta).

Categories: Stock Photos


Signup First

Description: We are a platform for startups to give away deals and rewards to users. A mix between groupon and betalist. Early adopters can browse our site for the latest startups giving away exclusive deals and rewards and sign up to each startup via our site to receive them.

Categories: Pre-Launch Traction / Marketing


PR Hunters

Description: We deliver PR Opportunities from journalists on Twitter to your email inbox. The opportunities are filtered based on keywords you set and your industry.

Categories: Outreach



Description: Bubble lets you build a web app entirely without code. The things you can build can be quite complex. A user did clone 90% of Twitter on Bubble. Marketplaces are very much what you can build on us. It does take time (we don't offer templates to keep flexibility); cloning Twitter took about 4 days, but it's still much faster to use than code. The learning curve is about 3 hours. And after this, we handle infrastructure, servers, etc! The vision is that you should only have to focus on your app's design and functionality, and we handle the lower level stuff.

Categories: Development



Description: Timeneye is a free visually appealing, non-distracting time tracking platform for both teams and personal use to monitor how time is spent on basically anything – from work projects to hobbies. Timeneye seamlessly integrates with Basecamp, Google Calendar, Asana, Trello, Podio and Wunderlist: this allows to track time for tasks and to-dos without switching between multiple tools. In time, the app will learn about your habits and automatically create suggested time entries for you, making time tracking less boring and turning your day into a more productive and efficient one.

Categories: Productivity



Description: Tasytt is incentive driven training and onboarding software for teams. Keep all your media-rich knowledge in one place, that is easily updated, for new and existing employees. Measure the effectiveness of your content, and keep employees engaged on the platform with real-life rewards. Build a culture around knowledge sharing and watch your productivity rise. Tasytt helps you reduce training times and onboarding costs.

Categories: Hiring / Organization



Description: PeakFeed is the easiest way to monitor your brand's social media performance across all your accounts. Sign up, add your profiles, include a couple of similar businesses for context, and get a simple, weekly report delivered to your inbox for you and your competitors.

Categories: Social Media


Jet Partners

Description: Jet Partners is a dynamic On-Demand Private Jet Charter company. They have an extensive network of carefully selected and certified owners that allow you to access world-class private jet service.

Categories: Private Jet Charter


Client Success

Description: ClientSuccess is a SaaS customer success management platform that is leading the shift to "Success is the new Sales"™. ClientSuccess helps B2B SaaS companies proactively manage, retain, and grow their existing customer base. We deliver a holistic, personal approach to managing success throughout the customer lifecycle. Our customer success management platform provides actionable insights, rich customer analytics, and best practices that will help you maximize the lifetime value of your customers.

Categories: Customer Success



Description: Screenom optimizes talent acquisition process by nearly ~64% by enabling pre-hire skill assessment using coding tests designed by experienced professionals. You can cut down the noise for your development team during the interview process by selecting only pre-evaluated candidates who have performed well in the online test. Let your developers work on high priority projects while Screenom does the talent assessment.

Categories: Hiring



Description: GoSquared is the easiest to use analytics service out there. Everything is real-time, and everything is beautiful – and it's trusted by over 50,000 small businesses around the world.

Categories: Analytics



Description: Deckchair is a vacation management solution, with a focus on small startup teams. Delight your employees with an easier way to book and track annual leave, and help to schedule company time more efficiently.

Categories: Hiring


Clicks + Leads

Description: Affordable, fixed fee, clicks and leads for all startups & SME's, from Facebook initially (also Twitter & Instagram). They bring you good quality, targeted traffic and hot exclusive leads. Also offering a white label service.

Categories: Advertising



Description: Zotabox provides an full package of 10+ onsite marketing tools for the website owner. Half of the tools are free forever. Tools included in the package include popular and stylish popups, promo bars, social buttons and banners. They are different than most other companies that feature only 1 tool. The Zotabox tools help website owners increase their sales and subscribers, and work on any website or blog. Think SumoMe (actually on your website) or Hellobar but better. Zotabox has stepped up and improved the quality of the fully customizable tools compared to their competitors, having an advanced platform which allows quick development and addition of many new tools in the future.

Categories: Growth Hacking, E-Commerce, SaaS


Top Hunts

Description: Product Hunt is hugely popular, and there's a ton of stuff posted to it now. Top Hunts curates a list of Startup/Entrepreneurial oriented hunts each week and sends you an email with everything that got at least 100 upvotes. Super simple and very helpful service. And look how cute that Glasshole Kitty is!


Stacked Sports

Description: Stacked Sports monitors the social media accounts of high school and collegiate teams so that management can look for problematic tweets and posts, and nip them in the bud before they become a spectacle on ESPN. It also evaluates an athlete's social media history, giving them a grade on how likely they are to be offensive online, a big deal in the sports world.


Water Minder

Description: Staying well hydrated is key for general health, resilience, and brain function. Water Minder helps you track how much water you're intaking daily with a simple yet elegant app. Hit your goal of one half ounce of water for every pound you weigh with confidence every day with Water Minder.


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