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I’m Paul Metcalfe and I’m thrilled to be the third owner / curator of Startup Resources.

The project was launched back in 2015, to make it easier for early stage entrepreneurs to find the right tools to build their startups and side projects.

Since then, the site has built up a resource of 400+ hand picked tools, across 60 categories – something to use in almost every situation.

I found the site in early 2019 and connected with then owner, Jói Sigurdsson. He needed to focus on his startup CrankWheel so…

Boom ?, I found myself curating the site ?

And here we are today. Still going strong.

As well as the website I send out a weekly email to 3,000 subscribers. It’s packed with the latest tools to test, and “how to” articles. You can get onboard here:

If you know of a tool that is awesome and should be included, please let me know about it. You can submit the form on this page or email me.

Oh, and want to connect with me…? The best places are Twitter and LinkedIn.


 – Paul Metcalfe, Curator