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Running ads can be annoying so here are some resources to make it better


Description: Running variations on Facebook ads is important to fine tune your campaigns so that you get the most bang for your buck. You know that Facebook Power Editor kind of sucks. AdEspresso makes A/B testing ads a whole lot easier.


Automate Ads

Description: Automate Ads puts "digital advertising on autopilot", allowing you to manage and optimize all your online marketing in one place. Their system can A/B test your ads and automatically start using the ones that perform the highest, as well as rotate ads automatically to prevent ad fatigue to your audience. Pricing is based on your overall ad spend through their system.


Perfect Audience

Description: Perfect Audience is an ad management system that focuses on retargeting, one of the most effective methods of online advertising. One thing that is awesome about Perfect Audience is that its pricing is based on volume, so they just charge on top of what you spend with Facebook or Google ads, which is nice because then you pay for the service based on how much you use it. Highly recommended if you're advertising with retargeting.



Description: Ad retargeting is all the rage right now for online marketing, and for good reason: It's relatively cheap and very effective. But it's not the most intuitive thing to figure out. Retargeter manages your retargeting ad campaigns for you.



Description: Madyourself is an ad builder that makes HTML5 rich media ads production fast and easy. Free for a couple of ads.


Traffic Junky

Description: Traffic Junky is an interesting place to advertise... Some Startups find super cheap sources of traffic there. I've gotten traffic from there for less than $0.01 CPC. The catch? It's porn site ads. But you can get a crazy flood of traffic if you do it right, and some startups find great traction with it. But maybe don't tell your mom about it.



Description: Easily create high converting video ads and video ad campaigns for Facebook and YouTube. Veeroll allows a newbie in video advertising, professional video advertisers or digital agencies to create video ads in minutes without any video editing. It's free to start, and they have guides on making video advertising as affordable as possible.

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