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Description: Ever wish you could call up a Startup expert or a growth hacker, like a 900 number back in the 90s and spend $X a minute getting their advice or feedback on your project? Clarity makes it possible with this "Dial-A-Mentor" service, having some 20,000 experts on tap. Rates go from $2.50 a minute for someone you've never heard of, to $166 a minute for Mark Cuban.



Description: Goalchieve is an online, collaborative tool that allows users to share their knowledge, advice and experience in order to help each other achieve goals. Unlike typical q&a website, goalchieve allows you to split your big question into small, easy to follow steps. You describe what your goal is, and other users give you suggestions on how you should approach it. But here's where the magic starts: once you get stuck again, you ask follow-up question, and the process continues, until you achieve your goal!

Categories: Advice / Social Media / Networking



Description: A bit more altruistic, and definitely more affordable (because it's free for those asking for help), SoHelpful is a collection of startup advisors who will advise you on your projects, with categories ranging from traction to public relations. Being listed on SoHelpful lets you talk directly to people who could use your service or product, working well as a lead gen system while giving back.

Link: SoHelpful

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