5 AI Tools to Streamline Content Marketing for Your Startup

According to IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2022, 35% of businesses are already using AI in their operations, while 77% of businesses are exploring this technology. 

AI, once just a buzzword everyone tossed around, is now actively disrupting various fields, including content marketing. Even startups and small businesses are jumping on board with AI content tools to amp up their growth. It’s become a must-have for businesses seeking to stay competitive and optimize their content marketing efficiency. 

However, it’s important to strike a balance when using these tools. While AI tools excel at generating a solid foundation of content, a human touch is indispensable to polish and refine it.

If you’re wondering where to start with AI content tools, this article is for you. We’ve rounded up five of the best AI tools for content marketing, perfect for startups and small businesses like yours.

Let’s get straight to them.

5 Must-Try AI Content Tools for Startups

1. Narrato AI

Source: Narrato.io

Narrato AI is an AI-powered content workspace that can help you streamline your content processes. The AI content assistant on the platform comes with various tools to assist you with every stage of content production, from ideation to publishing.

Here’s a brief overview of its key features: 

  • AI Content Genie

This AI tool automatically generates social posts for the week based on the content you’ve published. Simply input your website or blog URL into the tool, and you will have fresh posts ready to edit and publish/schedule on social media.

  • AI writer

Narrato’s AI writing assistant offers 100+ templates for blog content, web pages/landing pages, ad copy, product descriptions, emails, SEO content, social media posts, video content, and more. It also offers built-in customization options to define tone and audience.

  • AI-powered bulk product description generator

The AI product description generator allows users to generate 100s of product descriptions in one click by uploading a CSV file containing all the product information.

  • AI topic generator

The content idea generator uses AI to scour the web for top content on a topic/theme to provide unique, SEO-friendly topic ideas for your blog posts and articles. And you can add these topics as new content items under projects directly from the AI topic generator.

  • AI SEO brief generator

This AI tool generates an SEO content brief for your topic, along with a list of keywords, topics to include, target word count, number of paragraphs/headings, references, and more.

  • AI Images

Narrato’s AI text-to-image generator uses text prompts to create unique AI-powered images for your content in a variety of styles.

  • AI chat for research

Provide your custom prompts to do some content-related research, planning, and ideation more flexibly.

Besides these AI tools, Narrato AI also offers several great features for content planning (content calendar), publishing (automation and custom integrations), content workflow and project management, team management, and collaboration.

2. Speak

Source: Speak.io

Speak is an advanced AI platform with natural language processing (NLP), transcription, and text analytics capabilities. It’s essentially an AI speech-to-text tool that can help startups with marketing research, competitive analysis, and valuable marketing insights for their content marketing campaigns.

Here’s a look at some of its key features: 

  • Speech recognition and NLP engine

AI-powered speech recognition engine to conduct sentiment analysis. Automatically transcribe and analyze text, audio, and video data to get a list of important keywords, key phrases, and topics from the data.

  • Speak Magic Prompts

With this feature, you can efficiently extract, summarize, and analyze valuable information from unstructured text data with the help of AI.

  • Built-in transcript editor

Increase the accuracy of your transcriptions through the built-in transcription editor.

  • Named Entity Recognition

Use AI to identify specific words, keywords, and names based on intent. You can customize the categories for Named Entity Recognition and remove/edit irrelevant words in these categories to refine your search.

  • Multiple model selection and testing

Test different natural language commands to optimize data analysis. Speak gives you the option to choose from a wide range of models.

  • Text analysis and actionable insights

The tool offers a structured approach for handling large volumes of text data. It enables efficiently gathering, analyzing, and presenting valuable insights from this data. There’s also an option to generate word clouds with all the important topics, phrases, and words, based on their relevance and frequency.

  • Flexible data capture

Upload audio, text, and video data in bulk or individually. The tool also offers embeddable recorders and allows in-app recording for added convenience.

  • Shareable reports

Visualize and share important insights with your team in the form of PDF, Word, and email reports. This feature ensures that valuable details discussed in calls, videos, or interviews are not lost.

Besides AI transcription, Speak also offers professional human transcription services with a turnaround time of 48 hours.

3. D-ID Creative Reality Studio

Source: D-id.com

D-ID is an AI-powered content creation tool that generates photorealistic videos from text using advanced AI technology. The Creative Reality Studio on D-ID is where you can create personalized AI avatars at the click of a button. This AI tool could be a great option for startups looking to scale up their video production.

Some of its standout features are:

  • Live portrait functionality

Transform static images into captivating talking avatar videos with AI.

  • AI text-to-image generation

Create visual content using text descriptions. The AI content tool requires you to type in the description to generate corresponding images.

  • AI script generation

D-ID also offers a built-in AI text generator to help you create the perfect script for your AI avatar.

  • Multiple AI avatars

Extensive selection of AI avatars, including cartoonish faces, photorealistic faces, and still image-based ones. There’s also an option to generate a custom face for your AI avatars.

  • Language and accent customization

With a selection of 119 languages and accents, you can customize your AI avatar as per your needs

  • Voice tone control

Whether you prefer a bold, subdued, or balanced vocal expression, you have complete control over the avatar’s voice. DI-D allows you to tailor the voice style to match the desired tone and mood of your content

  • Audio file upload

You can upload your own audio files and integrate pre-recorded content into the videos.

  • Chat D-ID

This feature adds a human touch to your AI customer service chatbot.

D-ID offers integrations with tools like PowerPoint, Canva, stock media, LMS systems, and others, making it easier to generate AI avatar videos on a platform of your choice.

4. Appy Pie Design

Source: Appypie.com

Appy Pie Design is a graphic design platform from Appy Pie, the popular AI website builder. Powered by artificial intelligence, this tool allows you to effortlessly produce high-quality content without the hassle of hiring a professional graphic designer or agency. With hundreds of free templates for various design categories, small businesses and startups can create the perfect design for logos, brochures, social media banners, blog banners, posters, or anything else.

Key features of this tool are:

  • 100+ free templates

Wide range of free templates for different design categories.

  • AI text-to-image generator

Transforms your text prompts into stunning images and art. Simply describe what you’re looking for, and the advanced AI technology takes care of the rest.

  • AI text-to-logo generator

Use AI to create unique, high-quality logos that represent your brand accurately. Input a text prompt and choose from a selection of AI-generated logos.

  • AI infographic maker

Choose from hundreds of AI-generated infographic templates to create custom infographics on any topic.

  • AI video creation

Appy Pie Design also comes with AI-powered video editing software, with features like intelligent filters, automated editing, seamless transitions, and more.

  • AI voiceover generator

Using state-of-the-art AI technology, this tool allows you to transform your written content into professional-grade voiceovers. You can also edit and refine the voiceovers to match your desired tone.

  • AI photo enhancer

Enhance the quality of your images automatically with the help of AI. It adjusts image contrast, color, and resolution to bring out the best in your visual content.

  • Cloud storage

Store your design projects and assets on cloud storage for easy access.

Besides these, Appy Pie Design offers several other AI tools, like the AI animation generator, AI font generator, AI avatar generator, and AI music generator, that could be helpful in handling creative projects.

5. Smartly.io

Source: Smartly.io

Smartly.io is an AI-enabled social media advertising platform that can automate and optimize ad campaigns across different channels seamlessly. With a comprehensive suite of AI features, the Smartly.io AI Lab helps small businesses and startups advertise their products on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Meta, TikTok, and other platforms.

Here are some of the key features of this AI content tool:

  • Multi-platform management system

Manage and launch ad campaigns for various ad groups effortlessly with a centralized dashboard and automated workflows. This feature simplifies ad management across multiple social media channels.

  • Image and Video Templates

Use pre-made templates on the platform to create and repurpose creative ads for distribution on different social media platforms.

  • Social media analytics with AI

Import third-party metrics and evaluate the performance of ads on various social networks.

  • Creative Scaling

Improve, customize, and expand your creative projects by generating scenes with AI, automatically updating copy, and using other AI-powered functionalities.

  • Ad Intelligence

Provide the tool with your ad campaign objectives and goals to get tailored insights for better planning.

  • Automated Ad Rotation and Fatigue Prediction

Automatically rotate ads to prevent ad fatigue and optimize campaign performance over time.

Other Smartly.io features include predictive budget allocation, creator connect, and collaboration tools.

6. ZipWP

Source: zipwp.com

ZipWP is an AI website builder that creates a fully working first draft website using simple prompts that you can edit as you go.

It will install WordPress and a theme. It will also install the essential plugin needed to run your website, create a working contact form, and important pages for a fully functional website along with its image and content copies.

With its artificial intelligence-powered ability, if you are a novice looking to start building your website content and structure, this tool will help to close that knowledge gap.

All you need to do is customize that content to fit your brand and your website is all set to go! All you need to do is customize it to fit your brand.

Some of its important features include:

  1. AI website creation: Create fully functional professional websites in 1 minute or less.
  2. WordPress and essential plugins: ZipWP installs WordPress and a couple of essential plugins automatically as part of the process. It also installs the Astra theme and a template relevant to your business.
  3. AI-generated web content: Placeholder content of a publishable quality. ZipWP uses AI-generated content that’s on topic and usable right away or can be changed as required. Content can also include maps, menus, images, and other relevant media.
  4. Relevant images: ZipWP selects relevant images to add engagement to pages. You can replace all images as required during setup or once the site has been created.
  5. Working contact forms: If you add your email and information during setup, ZipWP will create functioning contact forms and insert them into relevant pages.

Besides these features, ZipWP is fully integrated with Astra, Spectra, and other Brainstorm Force products ensuring each element works seamlessly. Whether you’re looking to create an online store, a business website, or a personal portfolio, ZipWP will help you smooth out the process.

Wrapping Up

AI content tools hold immense potential to transform how startups and small businesses approach content marketing. The five AI content tools mentioned in this article can streamline your content marketing operations and serve as invaluable time-saving assets to scale up content production.

As AI’s potential continues to grow and evolve, integrating these AI content tools will position you at the forefront of this technological revolution. Everything from AI content writing tools, to AI website builders, to AI image and video generators are now at your disposal. Try out these AI tools today and give your startup the competitive edge it needs.

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