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Description: Give Archie access to your Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud or Pinterest and it will search for your hashtags of choice on those networks, and like the posts with said hashtags, with the idea that those people will notice you and follow you. It's easy to use, and interesting to watch work. Note that I haven't yet seen results from my brief test campaign, but I want to keep experimenting with it. Free trial to give it a shot yourself.



Description: Much simpler to set up than Zapier but much more limited in scope, IFTTT works by saying "If This Then That." Set it up so that if you post an image to Instagram, it also goes to your Buffer queue for Twitter and to your company's Facebook, or if there is rain in the forecast it can remind you to grab an umbrella.


Description: It's like but lets you extract lead data from incoming e-mails. Our customers use it in combination with lead platforms which send them hundreds of machine generated e-mails. lets you extract those leads and send them to a spreadsheet or to Zapier.



Description: If you use Buffer to queue up content to go to your Twitter or Facebook, you probably know the power of that. You probably also know the terror when your Buffer queue runs dry and the river of content becomes barren. Quuu is a godsend if you queue up content to your Buffer, because their service automatically adds curated articles to your Buffer for you. Choose from a few different categories relevant to your audience, set it and forget it. Brilliant.



Description: Simplycast has a CRM, plus landing pages, and marketing automation for various social media platforms. It's got an overwhelming about of tools and features, and is a pretty vast marketing solution in itself.



Description: SYBG (Since You’ve Been Gone) is the easiest way for you to (Re)activate and (Re)engage users. Automatically deliver on-site, in-product, and e-mail product update announcements personalized for each individual user. The result: higher customer activation, engagement, retention, and MAU! How does it work? You simply tell SYBG the product update you want customers to know about and it takes care of the rest. SYBG automatically learns which product updates each of your users has seen. So that when new product updates are released, SYBG informs each user in a personalized way, whether on-site, in-product or via e-mail.
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Description: Born out of a Startup Weekend, Zapier connects a ton of APIs together, enabling you to connect all sorts of tools. For example, make a new entry from Gravity Forms automatically turn into a Trello card in your sales funnel, or get notified in Slack when a customer unsubscribes so that your team knows to do an exit interview. The possibilities are endless.


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