The 10 Best Amazon PPC Companies in 2021

New to ecommerce on Amazon or maybe you’re a thriving business just trying to get the edge against competitors? New or old, these 10 PPC companies can help you find new ground on the Amazon platform.

Amazon is bigger than it has ever been, has easily become the leader in online sales, a juggernaut within the industry and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. This success is due to a cocktail of many things that traditional shopping and other ecommerce stores don’t have; from lower prices, free shipping, and on hand reviews, to simple convenience Amazon has almost everything anyone would need right at their fingertips.  It’s because of this dedication to customer satisfaction that allows Amazon to sell well over 12 million products and ship over 5 million around the world.

With a platform as big as Amazon the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur in eCommerce is a lot steeper and harder to climb than it was before especially with the amount of competition that you are bound to come across as an online seller. You will be hard pressed to find an online seller that isn’t currently using the largest platform for eCommerce to their advantage, and so with all that competition how does a small or medium business keep its head above the water? A solid and reputable PPC campaign and in this article we’ll be discussing the 10 best Amazon PPC companies for 2020.

AMZ Pathfinder

Amazon Pathfinder is a game changer as a PPC company, they know that each business is unique and one process may not fit the next. Amazon Pathfinder doesn’t believe in cookie cutter processes and it’ll do everything it can to make sure your business succeeds. Amazon Pathfinder looks through your business with a magnifying glass and adjust to its needs when it comes to managing PPCs.

Amazon Pathfinder was a company founded in 2015 by Brent Zarahdnik with the hopes of creating a tool that can help businesses achieve massive revenue growth and expand its exposure in the highly competitive ecommerce market. To do this Amazon Pathfinder does what it takes to prioritize the client first by providing specialized PPC strategies, maintaining client relationships through detailed communication, and transparent updates that keep track of the company’s performance alongside new set-goals for the next campaign.

This tool provides impeccable service with a diverse team of specialists that come from different parts of the world as well. Amazon Pathfinder is not only providing high quality advertisements for your money’s worth but is also looking to be an honest service that can provide their client with a simple and convenient tool that can help a business with their growth.


FountainHeadME has Amazon PPC experts ready and available to analyze your data on successes and help you generate traffic and product sales. This tool has a traditional approach of PPC on Amazon and the experts at FountainHeadME strategize and optimize for the best outcome with targeted ads and making sure the appropriate people find the appropriate product. From making use of Sponsored Products and Brands to AMS implementation which allows for an increase in PO quantity and frequency within your campaigns.

Sometimes all you need in your business is a straight forward ad campaign and FountainHeadME has the experts and the mindset to put your business on the right track through their services and strategies.


Digital marketing since 2003, JumpFly guarantees that their award winning team of PPC pioneers can get the job done and get it done right. These PPC specialists understand the unique PPC platform that Amazon has, its ad types, its nuances, and best possible approach to help optimize and grow your online business.  JumpFly believes in a mixture of hands-on management strategies alongside proprietary data-driven planning to manage your PPC campaigns. They also offer full PPC transparancy.

Most importantly, JumpFly has a passionate team passionate about PPC. They are a hard working team of professionals that treat each other and their clients with care and respect, which is why there are no long term contracts for them, for JumpFly you work with them based on your value of their work.


Get a quick start and a quick setup with Zon.Tools. The moment you boot it up the software will ask everything you need to optimize itself for whatever goal you have. This will allow you to set up an ad group level or be meticulous and set up specific thresholds for certain keywords. What Zon.Tools provides is an almost fully automated service that allows you to throw as wide (or as small) of a net as you can with your ad campaigns. From millions of keywords and consumer search terms to focused keywords Zon.Tools allows you to have full customization to its automated rules. Once everything is set up all you have to do now is focus more on growing your business.

By creating this autopilot Zon.Tools is a great tool for those who wish to save time or spend their time doing other things for their business than keeping meticulous track of keywords, search terms, and ad campaigns. Having this tool focus on the minute details can give you an edge over the competition and with an automated system like Zon.Tools your business can flourish with all that time saved.

Rise Interactive

Rise offers a myriad of services, from sponsored ads to store management, to help businesses maximize their investments within Amazon as well as other digital marketing investments. Rise has a business first strategy, they know and understand the importance of ad sales and purchase data, this tool seeks to determine the right balance to find success. With Rise Interactive as a PPC you will not only have a chance to get expert opinions and insights based on advanced reporting.

Rise makes use of unique strategies that connect Amazon investments with digital marketing channels, allowing them to work in harmony. This tool integrates Google ads and Bing strategies with the sole purpose of integrating audience targeting strategies.

Clear Ads Agency

Clear Ads is a London based agency that began in 2011 and has a very simple approach to PPC, as and AdsWords management Service Company the client always comes first and to them that means maximizing ads. While that may seem very simple and on the nose Clear Ads makes use of your ads to make sure the right people are attracted to your business. Clear Ads will review your account on your behalf and do everything they can to come up with a strategy that can help you expand your growth by making sure the right ads are always at the right place.

Clear Ads want to give your business the right kind of attention, their goal is to help you increase customer traffic, improve efficiency to make sure your campaign money is spent wisely, and make sure you’re targeting the right keywords and search terms for your business all to make sure that the adverts work for you.

Channel Bakers

Many PPCs make use of data and analytics to make efficient and effective strategies for expanding your business but Channel Bakers’ focus on data can be of great help for any client that wishes to thrive within the Amazon marketplace and even outside of it. Their data-driven retail strategies can help you leverage customer behavior and anticipate reactions to further develop an effective plan that can help you launch your products both in retail and in eCommerce. These passionate and experienced specialists can help you gain the tools you need for optimal and efficient decision making.

Channel Bakers will give you a streamlined process to get to where you want your business to go to. With their focus on data and research you can breathe easy knowing that they will help you maximize your brand and help you navigate your way through the online market.

Canopy Management

At Canopy Management, “you’re more than a client…you’re a partner”. When you’re working with Canopy Management not only will you be working with experts in PPC but you’ll also be working alongside Top Amazon Executives, Multi-Million dollar Sellers, Award Winning experts, and other accredited professionals. Like most available PPC you will get what you need for your business, from traffic increases up to better advert management and strategies but Canopy management is one of the few PPC agencies that have access to early Amazon Beta programs, new release insights, and are first to know about any new system updates and changes to the algorithm.

With Canopy Management you can be sure that you are in good hands. Making use of holistic strategies, extensive expertise, as well as many other service benefits that other PPCs don’t have Canopy Management is sure to help you grow and expand your business through PPC.

Bobsled Marketing

Bobsled Marketing is one of the top-rated Amazon agencies out there and for good reason. Bobsled Marketing is laser-focused on your campaign’s performance and give you what you need to build better campaigns in the future. Bobsled Marketing is one of the best in the market not only due to their efficiency, strategizing, and focus but also because they strive to be unique amongst a myriad of other PPC companies. Bobsled has blogs on their website, podcasts, e-books, and other SEO tips and tricks for making it as an online seller on Amazon. Bobsled Marketing manages to keep their clients not just because of what they’re doing as a PPC company but also for helping other sellers out there.

Bobsled Marketing also has the benefit of credibility, being noted as one of the top-rated agencies available today can give you a lot of security with where you want to go with your business. As for their services, Bobsled Marketing guarantees that they will give you a strategy that works with your business, what your goal is, where you want to go, and how you want to do it. Bobsled Marketing is a solid choice for entrepreneurs looking for a PPC tool to use.


WebFX is a leading PPC agency that focuses on your success as a whole whatever your business needs WebFX is here to make sure you reach that goal no matter what. WebFX’ PPC helps mid-sized businesses by looking through your campaigns and take every single consideration needed for you and your business to reach its goal for PPC. WebFX grants you access to the latest technology made to help target a precise market and offer a variety of plans that help you increase the scope of your campaigns. WebFX does a variety of services that will prove beneficial for your business. Constant monitoring, keyword research, PPC strategies, research competitor strategies, regular and up to day reports, and many more.

WebFX is a great tool for any online seller for a myriad of reasons but perhaps the most important rule they have to make your PPC experience smoother and better is by making your goals their goals. While this tool boasts many services that are great for your business such as transparent ROI reports, transparent pricing, strategies and management, WebFX’ strength lies in putting your interests first.