Best Amazon Repricer Tools to Use in 2024 (and Beyond)

Updated on March 7, 2024

As an Amazon seller, you’re trying to gain an edge over 2 million other small and medium businesses in a fiercely competitive marketplace.

If that doesn’t make you sweat, you’re not paying attention.

To unlock the true potential of your store and outsell your competitors, you need the automated help of an Amazon repricing software tool.

In this article, we’ll cover our favorite Amazon repricing tools and discuss why using one is crucial to your business success.

Our Choice For the 5 Best Amazon Repricer Tools:

  1. Aura
  2. RepricerExpress
  3. BQool
  4. Sellery
  5. RepriceIt


Aura is an algorithmic Amazon repricer tool with robust customization features.

Powered by AI and machine learning, this software has the ability to analyze your competitors’ pricing strategies and make informed repricing decisions. Moreover, Aura learns from these insights and adapts to your competitors’ strategies, thus allowing you to outperform their efforts.

Features We Love

Since having the right repricing strategy is equally crucial as using the right tool, Aura offers both predefined and custom strategies, which makes it suitable both for newbies and seasoned sellers. For example, there’s a “Buy Box Targeting” configuration, meaning your prices will be automatically updated based on these presets to help you secure the Buy Box.

Another reason Aura ranks very high on our list is its instant, real-time repricing, as opposed to many other tools that update pricing every 10 or 15 minutes.

A sleek, intuitive dashboard has a user-friendly mobile version so you can access your settings and analytics on the go.

Finally, Aura’s Workflows feature is a real clincher that will save you hours you’d otherwise spend managing and optimizing your listings manually.

Great customer support paired with a comprehensive library of help articles is a bonus that should be mentioned.

Subscription Plans

$97 for up to 50,000 listings

A 14-day trial is available.


You can use RepricerExpress on Amazon, eBay, and a total of 11 marketplaces. For Amazon sellers (and other sellers) looking for good repricing software, RepricerExpress might be a strong candidate.

Winning the Buy Box is at the top of every seller’s list, and RepricerExpress also has its set of repricing strategies for achieving this goal.

Standout Features

It gives you the opportunity to set the maximum and minimum price for each product, as well as rules and guidelines for both group and individual listings. You can also filter your competitors based on different parameters such as ratings, feedback, dispatch time, or shipping location.

With RepricerExpress, you’ll minimize the margin of error in automated repricing.

The software monitors your competitors and gives you insights into their pricing strategies. For example, if it’s not too difficult for you to win the Buy Box or if your competition tends to run out of stock frequently, RepricerExpress will increase your prices little by little so that you can yield more profit.

Subscription Plans

RepricerExpress comes in 4 different subscription plans:

  • Express £64 per month — up to 5,000 listings with 15-minute repricing
  • Plus £189 per month — up to 50,000 listings with instant repricing
  • Ultimate £319 per month — up to 250,000 listings and Net Margin repricing
  • Extreme £949 per month — up to 1 million listings and priority repricing.

A 14-day free trial is available.


BQool is another Amazon repricing tool that leverages AI to maximize repricing benefits and the time spent in the Buy Box.

Major Features

This platform offers three repricing tools:

  • Conditional repricer, allowing you to switch between rules automatically and use different filters such as the inventory, sales velocity, or the suppressed Buy Box. For example, you can set BQool to lower your minimum prices based on your profit margins or ROI.
  • AI-powered repricer, which includes several intelligent preset strategies.
  • Rule-based repricer with a number of different custom rules and fulfillment methods.

It earned a spot on our best Amazon repricer software solutions, as it also features clever listing optimizations to add to your repricing strategy. These include keyword research options, suggestions, and A/B testing. Inventory management is another handy system with low-stock alerts that will help you prevent stockouts.

Apart from the repricing toolkit, BQool boasts Big Central, a centralized dashboard that gives you an overview of your entire Amazon store so that you can stay on top of your sales, profit, inventory, and other KPIs and focus on areas that need improvement.

Subscription Plans

The Repricing bundle comes in several plans:

$25 a month for 1,000 SKUs and 15-minute repricing. This plan includes only a Rule-Based repricer.

$50 a month for 5,000 SKUs and 15-minute repricing. This plan includes a Conditional Repricer, AI-Powered Repricer, and Rule-Based Repricer.

Besides that, you can get 10,000 SKUs for $100 a month, 30,000 SKUs for $200 a month, and 50,000 for $300 a month. These three plans include a Conditional Repricer, AI-Powered Repricer, and Rule-Based Repricer, as well as instant repricing.

A 14-day free trial is available.


Sellery is a real-time Amazon repricer tool offering customizable repricing strategies, pricing rules automation, private label repricing tools, and the BuyBoxBuddy feature.

According to the vendor, their Minimum Price feature is a guarantee you’ll never lose money on any sale.

Major Features

Sellery’s intelligent repricing strategies include undercutting your competitor or matching their prices, leveraging sales velocity to adjust the prices of your Private Label items, slashing your FBA items prices to speed up their sales and avoid long-term storage fees eating into your profit, or spot listing hijacking.

Subscription Plans

As for the price of this repricing tool, it’s 1% of your monthly gross sales, starting at a minimum of $50 a month. This percentage-based model makes Sellery suitable for smaller Amazon sellers as they don’t have to pay a fortune to implement repricing strategies.

A 14-day free trial is available.


Starting at $9.95, Repriceit is one of the most affordable Amazon repricer tools.

Marketed as a “hands-free inventory repricing,” this solution doesn’t come with all the fancy features and widgets as other flashier repricers. It’s still a great way for any Amazon seller to start optimizing listings, winning the Buy Box and maximizing your time in it.

Major Features

Still, this doesn’t mean Repriceit lacks some cool and handy features. With it, you can:

  • Predefine your pricing rules, frequency, as well as min and max prices
  • Reprice your FBA inventory separately from the MFA inventory
  • Win the Buy Box by choosing to match, beat, or completely ignore the current price
  • Reprice items based on their total costs, including shipping, and not just the listing price
  • Prevent price crashes and price wars by setting up a fixed repricing schedule.

Subscription Plans

There are seven subscription plans:

Basic — $9.95 for up to 500 SKUs

Basic+ — $16.95 for up to 2,000 SKUs

Merchant — $24.95 for up to 5,000 SKUs

Merchant+ — $29.95 for up to 10,000 SKUs

Pro — $39.95 for up to 20,000 SKUs

Pro+ — $59.95 for up to 50,000 SKUs

Premier — $79.95 for up to 100,000 SKUs

A 30-day free trial is available.

Why Should You Use an Amazon Repricer?

Amazon is known for changing their prices million times a day, or every 10 minutes on average, using the proprietary dynamic pricing algorithm. In other words, the prices change based on product demand, availability and supply, competitors’ prices, customers’ purchasing behavior, and a number of other parameters.

This way, the world’s largest online store makes sure their prices are always the most competitive, thus maximizing their profit, boosting customer loyalty, and providing an exceptionally personalized customer experience.

Amazon offers resellers a built-in tool for pricing. But third-party repricing tools offer advanced features, more in-depth analytics, and different customization options for added versatility in your Amazon business pricing.

You can probably already see how an Amazon repricing tool can be beneficial for all Amazon sellers who are still repricing manually.

You Save Time

When you’re just starting your store and have only a couple of items, it’s possible to adjust your prices manually. But as your listings increase, you simply won’t be able to keep up with the volume and price-adjusting several times a day.

Implementing an Amazon repricer means automated repricing. Then you’re free to use the time you’d otherwise spend on such a repetitive, seemingly menial, and yet crucial pricing process, to develop your business. And if you’re interested in other tools to help your ecommerce business thrive, check these out.

You Can Win The Buy Box

As you know, winning the Buy Box means greater visibility and trust, which translates to more sales. Given that the Buy Box accounts for 82% of purchases on Amazon, it’s clear why it’s so essential to secure it, and the right price is one of the top eligibility factors.

That’s where an automated repricing tool comes in to help you stay competitive by managing your listings, inventory, and prices.

You Can Cut Costs 

Being an Amazon merchant is a lot of work, which doesn’t leave you too much time and energy to strategize and micromanage prices.

Instead of hiring someone responsible for this time-consuming task, it’s much more effective and affordable to implement a repricer tool that will automate the process and keep everything under control.

Minimize headaches and maximize profit margins is the name of the game.

How to Pick the Best Amazon Repricing Tool for Your Business

When we talk about Amazon repricer tools, it’s worth mentioning that software that performs well for one seller might not be the right fit for another.

So, it’s important to consider your requirements before making a decision.

Factors to Help You Decide

Here are some factors to take into account:

  • Repricing speed — it’s best to opt for a tool that adjusts prices instantly
  • Is it cost-effective for your needs? Think about the pricing model that’s most suitable for the size of your listing.
  • Does the vendor charge extra for continuous repricing?
  • How much control will you have over your repricing strategies? The best repricing tools allow for a high level of customization.
  • Does the tool allow you to select the seller you want to compete with and the parameters you want to predefine?
  • How many competitor filters are there? The more, the better in this case, as you want to include filters such as item condition, merchant rating, reviews, or shipping speed.
  • Analytic tools and reporting. Having access to your data is crucial as it will show how your efforts are working and what to improve.
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Is it scalable? Choose a repricer that you’ll be able to use as your store grows and you add more items to your listing.
  • Customer support. Last but not least, you need to research customer support and check what’s included in your price.

Final Thoughts

Using an Amazon repricer isn’t an option any longer. If you want your business to thrive, you have to be competitive in the world’s largest online marketplace, and this can be achieved only if you optimize your listing and regularly adjust prices.

In this list of the top Amazon repricer tools, we’ve made sure to also include useful information on how they work and what to take into account when choosing the one for your business. Use this resource to help you make the right choice and boost your Amazon sales.