Best SaaS Link Building Services

Are you looking to grow your SaaS?

Well, stick around then as we are about to share some hot takes with you.

In a previous article we told you about the best SaaS SEO companies and how they could help you set up a solid search engine optimization strategy to reach your target audiences. Furthermore, we insisted in the need of having a SEO strategy specific to SaaS in order to improve your organic growth through a high-quality content marketing.

However, as Yin cannot exist without Yang, your site needs both on-page AND off-page SEO in order to reach digital nirvana and earn a position at the top of Google. Link building agencies utilize a series of tools like Ahrefs and tactics like guest blogging in order to get high-quality backlinks for your website. When you get linked by web pages with a high domain authority, Google understands that you’re a trusted site that offers value and will move you up in their search engine rankings.

Quality link building does not happen overnight. It takes time and loads of resources. Fortunately, there are lots of resourceful marketing agencies that provide these link building services and will take good care of your business.

The best SaaS link building services in 2022:

  • Smash Digital: Best Overall
  • HARO: Best White Hat Links
  • WhiteSpark: Best Local Search Option
  • PR Web: Best PR Service
  • iProspect: Best Media Buying Service

Here’s why we chose each company, as well as an overview and why they might be a good fit for your business if you’re looking for the best SaaS link building service for your startup.

Smash Digital: Best Overall Link Building Company

best saas link building services

Smash Digital is a digital marketing agency that takes great pride on their fresh and original strategies to grow businesses and improve their SEO performance.

Aside from offering a fully-managed SEO service, they claim to be real experts in white hat link building strategies. And you should see their case studies! No BS, they hold evidence for their every claim.

As we all know, setting up a powerful link building strategy is time consuming and might be expensive. However, Smash Digital team has optimized each step of the process so you can get relevant links at a reasonable price. They will also manage all the relationships on their side, from prospecting to closing. That way you won’t have to deviate your efforts from your true focus: running your business like a boss.

They have designed their whole link building tactic around guest-posting great content and outreach links, always focusing on the niche relevancy, domain authority and organic traffic so you can get high-quality links that actually add up value to your site.

They’re not wizards (probably), but over the years they have built up a substantial expertise and reputation by placing tens of thousands of links with relevant, web pages, bloggers, marketers and social media influencers on a first-name basis. Guess that’s what their unicorn logo means, that they’re one mythical, rare to find company.

HARO: Best White Hat Links (but not very scalable)

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. This web is truly one of the most useful tools when it comes to get high-quality links. It was created in 2008 to connect reporters with reliable sources across a variety of industries, hence giving you the perfect opportunity to get a high-authority link that pours nice link juice into your site.

How it works? Easy peasy. You’ll need to register as a source and choose the expertise categories in which your brand or company operates. Then you will be watching your email where you will receive queries from reporters who are actively looking for quotes from quality websites to help with their articles.

Now, let’s not lose our head and respond to every single query on that master email. If your brand goes about clothes design and fashion, don’t reply to a query asking for best types of coffee or mid-afternoon beverages. Let’s keep in mind link building is a cooperative SEO strategy based on getting referral traffic from niches or industries related to yours, from sites your target audience may visit and go: “Oh look, I could click this link because it’s related to what I’m looking for”.

Also, enhancing your outreach campaign with HARO is not something that happens overnight. Our advice is that you write clear replies, showing your own personality and style and letting the reporter know why you will be a good source to quote in their article. There’s no guarantee your response will be chosen and if they do, sometimes it takes a while to get a reply. On the bright side, it’s a service you can use for free -although there are juicy premium plans- that eventually will get you a stronger backlink profile.

White Spark: Top-notch Listing and SEO services (best for smaller more local agencies)

White Spark is one of those companies that have not gone nuts over internalization and forgotten about the good old local customer audience. They are focused on solving local search problems for agencies and small business.

How smart is their move? Well, considering that 80% of consumers use search engines to find information about local businesses -according to a Google consumer study- you’ll come to realize the potential benefits of using the local citations.

Local citations are online mentions of your business, whether in a structured or unstructured manner. The first type accounts for citations within directory listings, whereas the second refers specifically to having your business mentioned in a newspaper, article or high-authority blog. These citations may be linkable or not linkable, but either way they will improve your local SEO ranking and complement your link building campaign.

Of course, it might be a time-consuming task, but White Spark has you covered. Not only will they build your citations, but they also offer a great local listing optimization service at a really affordable price.

PRWeb: Best Placements for SaaS Outreach

Like we have mentioned barely a few thousands time, SaaS marketing campaigns should have a different approach given their specific characteristics.

Now, being a SaaS agency that provides a cloud-based solution to other companies or clients, it’s critical to run a solid public relationships campaign in order to keep your current and potential clients on the loop about your news and updates.

PRWeb is a press release distributor that will make your life so much easier and support your link building strategy. Let’s keep in mind before using this service that a press release is meant to cover important information. Minor changes or irrelevant news related to the company belong in the website blog or the email newsletter. Press releases are for major updates or announcements that will create a positive impact in the audience, move sales and get your pocket going chin-chin while the money trickles in.

That said, how can you benefit from PRWeb? Well, the first step would be creating yourself an account. PRWeb has a very intuitive design and UI for you to have an optimal user experience when creating your press release. PRWeb lets you choose those industries you want to send your press release to and choose the day and time you’d like to have it released. Also, you’ll be able to add visual assets such as photos, infographics and videos and post it on your socials, which is great if you’re trying to enhance your social media footprint.

In a nutshell, PRWeb is one quick and effective way of getting your SaaS business acknowledged across multiple online channels and being picked up by high-authority sites.

iProspect: Best Media-focused SEO agency

Just like this subtitle suggest, iProspect is a SEO company that takes media really seriously. They know media loves strong emotions and visually impacting spur, and they leave this pretty clear with their own corporate image.

They have successfully managed campaigns for giants like Budweiser and General Motors and their case studies perfectly showcase their originality and high performance.

What could they do for you as a SaaS company? Among their full-service range of marketing strategies, they provide one of the best PPC campaigns if you want to hit the SERP in record time.

Being a top-ranked SEO company, iProspect knows how to plan and optimize search across all available channels. As with everything else they do, they bring all they’ve got to the table to make sure your paid searches are not only limited to hit KPIs and common keywords. They connect your search to online and offline media and all the available signals using CRM data or third-party audience data. iProspect never takes anything for granted and they’re always on top of revolutionary tactics and approaches to help them accelerate companies’ growth and performance.

Organic Traffic versus PPC Campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, on-page SEO and off-page SEO need to co-exist in order to have a well leveraged marketing campaign. Now, should you go rather with organic traffic or take a bet on paid searches? We believe the answer to that depends in great measure on your business goals. Ideally, you could aim at striking an effective balance.

As a SEO company with 50 years of experience winning first search engine results for our clients, let us advice you on a few things to consider:


You need to consider the budget you have to invest in search marketing. One of the benefits of implementing PPC ads is that you can drive a nice volume of traffic to your web page really quickly, driving the same volume with SEO could take more resources and time.

SERP Competition

If you’re stepping into a hot niche where other giant companies have built an unshakeable authority, the fierce competition for keywords positioning will probably hold you back if you’re only implementing SEO strategies. So it could be a good idea to drive paid traffic via PPC ads.

Short vs Long-Term

PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns drive different types of traffic. Generally speaking, PPC drives more traffic in less time and allows immediate conversions. It’s meant for short-term strategies. Whereas SEO builds a more valuable long-term relationship, which may be more beneficial for SaaS companies in the long run.