The 3 Best SaaS SEO Agencies

The Software as a Service or SaaS concept has definitely been a game changer for our modern online ecosystem. Whether you’ve started your own SaaS or are just thinking about it, in this article we will share the top 3 best SEO agencies for SaaS companies and why they stand out from the rest based on our analysis.

Why do SaaS companies need to invest in SEO

Best SaaS SEO Agencies

How is traditional SEO different from a SaaS SEO strategy?

If you  have a SaaS business, you’re looking to create a long-term relationship with your client. Unlike online stores–for instance, a cloud-based software company, you make your profit on regular monthly or annual subscriptions. The main marketing strategy should be aligned with gaining organic traffic over the long term to compound your profits. You need to create a traffic machine that delivers consistent and new traffic to your site to help you combat churn.

One potential downside of competing in the SaaS space: your competitors will be stronger. B2B SaaS companies are usually supported by resourceful investors who will bring everything they’ve got to the table. Your marketing strategy will need to be more aggressive to put safe distance between you and the competition.

So, to help you, we’ve put together a well-researched list of our top picks that can help you grow your SaaS.

Here Are the Best SaaS SEO Agencies of 2022:

  • Smash Digital (top pick)
  • Stryde (social media pick)
  • KlientBoost (lead generation pick)

1. Smash Digital: Top SEO Strategists

Although maybe we’re a little biased with this recommendation, we believe that Smash Digital has everything in place to help you reach your business goals and stay ahead of churn.

Founder Travis Jamison is an accomplished marketer who knows how to grow companies quickly and has a brilliant SEO team behind him making things happen for established businesses.

Among their accomplished case studies are how they used an in-depth SEO audit and a link building strategy to sky-rocketed their SaaS client’s revenues and organic traffic by 332% and 269% respectively within the first twelve months. That’s easier said than done, but through an effective on-page SEO, a powerful link building strategy, and good use of keyword research, Smash Digital proves that no matter how competitive your niche is, they are up to the challenge of ranking your site.

2. Stryde: Top ecommerce and social media experts

Stryde, a digital marketing agency with a proven record of driving traffic no matter what and improving their clients’ positioning using search engine optimization’s best practices, is our second choice.

What makes them stand out is their rich knowledge of marketing strategies and use of paid search ads and social. Stryde believes every entrepreneurial spark, small business or business idea stands a chance if you place your bet on the right digital strategy.

They have expert marketers onboard who perform exhaustive technical SEO audits before designing an actionable roadmap and implementing their solutions.

3. KlientBoost: Masters of lead generation

Finally, KlientBoost is one of those agencies that enable their clients to rest easy at night, knowing their marketing is in such good hands.

KlientBoost has brought together a fun and diverse team whose expertise has been able to take their company value well above the seven figures. Not only do they claim to have more published case studies than any other marketing agency, but the results they showcase are remarkable. Don’t take my word for it, though, take their client’s who experienced a 4000% increase in their conversions and a 170% increase in organic traffic.

What definitely sets them apart is their skillful Search Engine Marketing (SEM), one of the digital marketing strategies that have proven to be more useful at improving SaaS visibility and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) positioning. As a plus, KlientBoost promises a 63% ROI increase within the first three months and will give you a free marketing plan upon request.

As the CEO or founder of a startup, you wear a lot of hats. You’re responsible for the product, the team, the finances – the list goes on.

And while you may be an expert in your field, chances are SEO isn’t one of them. That’s where a SEO agency comes in.

A good agency will have a deep understanding of how search engines work and how to optimize your site to ensure it appears as high up in the search results as possible.

Our Final Take

SaaS companies are behind some of our favorite products. Yes, it’s a competitive field to enter as a startup, but finding the right SaaS SEO link building agency to help your company grow is essential. A great strategy expertly implemented will help take your SaaS to new heights. We hope you have found some good leads on an SEO agency that will help you grow this year and beyond.

Updated: October 31, 2022