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Because sometimes it's nice to read an actual book

Art of the Start 2.0

Description: This revised version of Guy Kawasaki's business classic is a lot longer, and covers entrepreneurship and what it really takes to start a company, including bootstrapping techniques and how to pitch your idea to investors.


Built to Sell

Description: A set of valuable business lessons disguised as a story, Built to Sell tells the tale of an ad agency which restructures itself as a service in order to teach why you should build a precise service that you market instead of building a consulting firm or agency. It also focuses on how to structure a business that is not dependent on you at its core, vital for anyone with a Startup who has an exit as the end goal, or just any business owner who may still want to have a personal life.



Description: An amazing book on how to influence others that might as well be called "How To Manipulate People So That They Do Whatever You Want But Hold On, I Swear That's Not As Evil As It Sounds." Read this book if you want to learn how to get people to return favors, feel inclined to convert, and help you out on your path to success.


Lean Startup

Description: Written by the Godfather of Lean, The Lean Startup has sparked a revolution in entrepreneurship, leading to methodologies to create more profitable companies for cheaper with more likelihood to succeed. That is, if you stick to the tried and true methods taught in this book.



Description: Covering an exhaustive list of the 19 traction channels, Traction is THE Bible for Startups as far as making progress in getting new users and customers go. Everything is covered. This book took me a while to get through, because every time I sat down to read it I got inspired to pursue some new traction idea, and would put the book down to go take action. It's a must for your bookshelf.


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