The Best ClickFunnels Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

We built our SaaS platform with great effort and lots of investment, so after our launch, we operated with a limited budget at our disposal. Naturally, our marketing strategy relied on our own efforts, by running ads on Facebook and Instagram since we didn’t want to pay extra and employ a fully-fledged service to help us in this area.

What this meant was, in fact, a setback for our business – we thought we were saving money, but we were going nowhere instead. Our products barely reached enough traction to maintain the platform’s very existence.

This was until we decided to try a qualified marketing tool, and since ClickFunnels is a very well-advertised product in this segment and a highly reviewed one for that matter, we went and obtained a subscription.

The results were mind-blowing. Turns out ClickFunnels was a significant investment for our company. It manages our marketing strategy in its entirety and since its acquisition, we witnessed incredible surges in traffic and went from making the minimum to a six-figure revenue on a quarterly basis.

There are, of course, tons of similar services to ClickFunnels. They vary in price and functionality, and we regularly use some of their features. With that being said, as experienced testers, we’ll compile a list to help you discover these amazing ClickFunnels alternatives.

What is ClickFunnels?

First things first, let us explain what ClickFunnels is. The platform was founded in 2014, but despite being relatively young, it managed to become a household name in the marketing world.

It is a full digital marketing suite that removes the need of relying on a tech team. Their purpose is to quickly convert your sales funnel, meaning they deal with everything from capturing leads and building lists to testing ads and driving sales.

Since its inception, ClickFunnels managed to help over 150,000 entrepreneurs get their message across and grow their business. Considering the short amount of time it’s been on the market, ClickFunnels is now one of the most popular digital marketing engines.

Pros, Cons, and Pricing of ClickFunnels

Let’s see how much ClickFunnels’ services cost and what’s so great about them.


ClickFunnels incorporates a brilliant strategy to spark an interest for your product in your cold prospects and warm them up to the idea that spending their money with your company will do wonders for their businesses.

One of the most valuable features of ClickFunnels is their website builder. With it, you can create beautiful sites optimized to guide your leads through the sales process with a step-by-step approach.

ClickFunnels makes it easy to point your customers to the particular product, as they offer pre-designed templates that you can use to build landing pages, squeeze pages, or sales pages.

Another incredible ClickFunnels feature is their affiliate program builder called Backpack. With it, you can create effective affiliate programs for each of the sales funnels that you’ve put together with ClickFunnels.

Other valuable features that ClickFunnels offers are email, SMS, and social media automation, A/B testing, list generation, lead capture forms, shopping cart incorporation, analytics, and more.


Many users have found ClickFunnels not so straightforward, as it offers a vast number of features crammed into one dashboard so it’s not that beginner-friendly.

Others have complained that their customer support isn’t the best one, since they outsource their support agents from overseas and that there’s a clear language barrier in communication.

Their pricing options are pretty opaque for non-members. Additionally, they are more expensive than their competitors, as you’ll discover with our list of ClickFunnels alternatives below.


ClickFunnels offers two tiers on its platform. The basic “ClickFunnels” plan costs $97/month, comes with some limitations, and doesn’t include follow-up funnels. You’ll get those with the second “ClickFunnels Platinum” plan that costs $297/month.

Don’t forget that you can try and test ClickFunnels on a 14-day free trial period.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels Alternatives

Every business has particular needs and requirements – that’s why only you can decide which online marketing solution is the most suitable for your company. With that in mind, we curated this list with the best ClickFunnels substitutes that are versatile enough to accommodate even the most demanding businesses.

Of course, we paid great attention that all of them possess most of the key characteristics that are crucial for these types of services – affordability, ease of use, template collection, A/B testing capabilities, and CRM features.

These are the 8 services that we’ll cover in-depth in this article:

  1. Leadpages
  2. BuilderAll
  3. Simvoly
  4. GrooveFunnels
  5. Unbounce
  6. SamCart
  7. Instapage
  8. Pipedrive

Let’s cut to the chase and begin with our top recommendation:

1. Leadpages

We place Leadpages at the highest spot in this list, mainly because we deem it as the worthiest ClickFunnels adversary, most suitable for small businesses. As a matter of fact, it might be even a better option than ClickFunnels in some regards. Let’s see why while we list its strengths and weaknesses.


Why we love Leadpages so much is because it offers a better landing page builder than ClickFunnels. Their drag-and-drop editor is modern and more powerful than its major rival and comes with more advanced customization tools, so the final product has a high-end appearance.

We also found that Leadpages’ templates are more sophisticated than ClickFunnels’ ones. They only require minor adjustments and they’re ready to go. Their layouts and designs are beautiful, and local businesses can discover the right one by filtering their search.

Additionally, one of the best things about Leadpages is that they don’t overwhelm your experience by offering tons of different tools, that’s not the case with ClickFunnels, which can be a bit confusing with so many features included.

Other great features offered by Leadpages are their pop-up forms and mobile-friendly non-intrusive alert bars.


Leadpages does integrate with many other marketing tools, however, the email responder is a key feature that the service doesn’t come with.

The platform doesn’t support affiliate program management, something that ClickFunnels is highly valued for.


Compared to ClickFunnels, Leadpages is quite a cheaper option, making it a very affordable alternative.

It comes with three pricing plans: “Standard” – $37/month ($27/month billed annually), “Pro” – $79/month ($59/month billed annually), and “Advanced” – $321/month ($239/month billed annually). All three come with a 14-day free trial.

Leadpages Pricing Plans

2. BuilderAll

The second service on our list markets itself as an all-in-one online marketing tool that can satisfy all of your business’s marketing needs. Well, let’s find out if it lives up to that self-proclamation.


BuilderAll is an ambitious marketing service even though it’s one of the youngest of its kind. It does come with a complete set of sales funnels features that are great to scale and grow your business.

Its website builder, called Pixel Perfect, is capable enough to create stunning landing pages or full websites that are both fast and responsive.

Among the tons of amazing features that BuilderAll includes are a super checkout option, an app builder, SMS messaging, click tracking, etc.

Another thing worth mentioning about BuilderAll is that it’s a great deal cheaper than ClickFunnels.


As we mentioned above, BuilderAll is a pretty young and inexperienced service. This can be a liability when it comes to gaining trust from customers and building brand loyalty.

Other drawbacks BuilderAll has are its buggy website builder and poor customer support.


BuilderAll likes to update its platform regularly, and with every launch come new and updated pricing plans. As of now, the service offers two plans – “Premium Plan”, that costs $69.90/month, and “Elite Club”, that costs $69.90/month + a one-time fee of $69.90.

Builderall Pricing Plans

3. Simvoly

Simvoly advertise their brand by claiming that they’re not a ClickFunnels alternative, but a ClickFunnels killer! While ClickFunnels is here to stay, Simvoly does a magnificent job at being an online marketing solution.


The best feature offered by Simvoly is their eCommerce website builder. With full control over the design, you can create a beautiful website powered with membership areas, detailed filtering, and one-click checkouts.

Engaging with your customers is also made easy with Simvoly. They provide a robust CRM tool for every funnel that includes user management and list segmentation.

Besides the charming templates, Simvoly also features A/B testing for your website content and creating upsells with a single click.


Simvoly doesn’t support email marketing campaigns and is also quite young in the web building scene – it needs to up its game as well as fix and update some of their tools in order to earn the credibility it deserves.


After you use up your 14-day free trial, you’d need to sign up for one of the four plans offered by Simvoly. Those include the “Personal” plan that costs $12/month, the “Business” plan that costs $24/month, the “Growth” plan that costs $79/month, and the “Pro” plan that costs $199/month. Note that these prices are arranged for an annual billing period.

Simvoly Pricing Plans

4. GrooveFunnels

Another excellent alternative to ClickFunnels is GrooveFunnels. We included this platform primarily because it offers a completely free plan that you can use for some basic marketing management of your business.


Although GrooveFunnels’ free version is initially designed to scale to a paid plan, it is still a great option for businesses that are just starting out, as it includes some valuable features such as GroovePages, GrooveAffiliate, and GrooveSell.

The three features that we mentioned here are only part of the full suite that contains 20 powerful apps for a complete marketing experience. Although some of them are still in beta testing and some are yet to be released, GrooveFunnels’ development team shows great promise in delivering the full package very soon.

Some assets that GrooveFunnels can truly boast about are their video marketing options and email marketing automation.


Having some of the advertised features still unreleased is a potential drawback to GrooveFunnels, as only a few would sign up before they get a chance to try the full suite.

Another tiny setback could be the learning curve of their software – the dashboard and editor could use some simplification for faster and better access.


GrooveFunnels offers four pricing plans on their platform, one of them being the free plan. The other three plans start at $99/month for the “Silver” plan, $199/month for the “Gold” plan, and a one-time payment of $1397 for the “Platinum” plan.

5. Unbounce

On the 5th spot comes Unbounce – a high-end online management solution that we can stand behind. Read on to find out why we find it to be one of the most powerful and flexible products of the kind.


We adore how Unbounce incorporates AI into their services to deliver high conversion rates for your campaigns. The company introduced Unbounce Conversion Intelligence™ – an approach combining marketing intelligence with artificial intelligence that pairs your past experiences and best practices with machine-derived insights and streamlined testing.

Unbounce brings a fundamental change to how businesses deal with marketing, and the result is an increase of up to 70% more conversions.

The service mainly specializes in creating advanced landing pages that are optimized for SaaS platforms, agencies, and eCommerce businesses. Pop-ups and sticky bars are also a great asset offered by Unbounce.

The Smart Traffic™ feature is another AI-powered benefit that provides a way to automatically detect which landing page is most suitable to each visitor, so your business can see an additional 30% spike in traffic.


In this section, we feel obligated to mention that Unbounce is a bit pricier than ClickFunnels and the rest of its competition, especially on its entry-level plan.

The website builder, although advanced, can be a bit tricky if you have no prior programming knowledge.


Unbounce has four pricing plans. The first one is “Launch” and costs $80/month, the second one is “Optimize” and costs $120/month, the third one is “Accelerate” and costs $200/month, and the fourth one is “Scale” and costs $300/month. They all come with a 14-day free trial and if you decide to sign up for annual billing, you’ll get 10% off on each plan.

Unbounce Pricing Plans

6. SamCart

All of the services included on the list are great in their own way, and SamCart’s expertise is the shopping cart feature. Small eCommerce businesses can benefit the most from this service, as its main focus is the retail industry.



You can immediately start selling with SamCart since the platform optimizes your products and readies them for sale. Their tools feature the best tricks to ensure high retention for those customers that are in doubt and use smart one-click upsell pop-ups.

Everyone can benefit from SamCart’s excellent shopping cart and checkout features, from authors and course creators to influencers and non-profits.

The abandoned cart recovery feature is one of SamCart’s fortes as well. It’s a remarkable way to take control of your sales department and keep your customers engaged until they click that “pay” button.


If the sales funnel part is your priority, we’d advise you to pair SamCart’s with another tool included on this list, as it doesn’t really shine in that aspect.

As a service that focuses mostly on improving sales, SamCart doesn’t include a sales tax calculator among its features, which is a bit of a bummer.


The usual practice to offer a 14-day trial period that all of the services included on this list maintain is cherished by SamCart as well.

SamCart has three pricing plans – “Launch” ($49/month), “Grow” ($99/month), and “Scale” ($199/month). If you opt for annual billing, these prices are reduced by 20%.

Samcart Pricing Plans

7. Instapage

Instapage is another sleek web marketing solution that’s been gaining momentum in recent years. The reason? The platform managed to upgrade its product throughout its development and now offers powerful features other services, including ClickFunnels, are still missing from their offerings.


Instapage offers over 100 landing page templates that are responsive and fully customizable.

Its UI is beginner-friendly and easier to use than most of the services mentioned here. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply your coding knowledge and create uniquely personalized pages.

To ensure higher conversion rates, Instapage implements a DTR (Dynamic Text Replacement) tool that has a purpose to help with creating SEO content for your website.

Another incredible feature offered by Instapage is Heatmaps – a powerful insight tool that lets you see what the visitors on your website interact with the most so you can get a better understanding of what to improve and which sections to ditch.


Instapage checkout options are on the underperforming side, and you’ll be much better off if you integrate with another sales service.

The service is also more expensive than most similar services, even on their initial plan.


There are two pricing plans on the Instapage pricing page – “Business” and “Enterprise”. “Business” costs $199/month (or $149/month if you decide to pay a lump sum for the entire year) and “Enterprise” is a custom plan that costs based on your business needs. Reach out to Instapage and they’ll get back at you with a custom quote.

Instapage Pricing Plans

8. Pipedrive

The last ClickFunnels alternative on our list is Pipedrive. A very similar service to ClickFunnels indeed, as it focuses mainly on managing the sales funnel aspect of your marketing strategy.


Even though Pipedrive is less focused on the website building part, it does offer more features, has better support, and is more affordable than ClickFunnels.

The service does an outstanding job of tracking how each user interacts with your website and products and uses the gathered data to highlight the leads in a need of a follow-up in order to ensure they don’t get stale.

Pipedrive puts a lot of accent on its ease of use to make the process of moving leads through different stages streamlined and smooth.

They also take great care in providing you with an opportunity to integrate with basically any third-party app to give your sales process a serious kick.


People have complained in the past about the lack of support for those on the entry-level plan. On that note, the company doesn’t provide phone support at all.

As we mentioned, building websites with Pipedrive isn’t their strongest asset.


These are the four pricing plans offered by Pipedrive – “Essential” ($15/month), “Advanced” ($29/month), “Professional” ($59/month), and “Enterprise” ($99/month).

Pipedrive Pricing Plans


Time to wrap things up!

Before we go, let’s go through a quick recap of what we’ve covered in this article.

Here we talked about how important it is to acquire a specialized service to take care of all of your business’s marketing efforts. We understand that ClickFunnels is probably the most popular digital marketing platform, so we’ve explained what it does and who might find its services most useful.

However, we do realize that they are some other amazing alternatives out there, so here’s the list of our chosen tools that were discussed above:

  1. Leadpages – overall best online marketing solution and our top recommendation;
  2. BuilderAll – an all-in-one marketing tool packed with tons of useful features;
  3. Simvoly – a great ClickFunnels alternative most suitable for eCommerce businesses;
  4. GrooveFunnels – the only marketing platform offering a completely free plan;
  5. Unbounce – an AI-powered service that uses science to increase conversions;
  6. SamCart – the best option for optimizing shopping carts and checkout options;
  7. Instapage – one of the simplest marketing tools offering valuable insights about your customers;
  8. Pipedrive – the most affordable ClickFunnels alternative that’s big on integration.

We wish you success in picking the right one for you. Good luck!