A/B Testing

Here’s a category of tools that will help you apply the best possible methodology for researching UE for a website. This is a library of services designed to help anyone make data-driven decisions based on reliable statistics.

Also known as split testing or bucket testing, A/B testing is performed in order to compare two versions of a website or an app and discover which one performs better. It’s done for the purpose of improving conversions and meeting goals, and in this category, you’ll come across just the right tools for the job.

Here you’ll discover tools that perform a variety of clever testing and optimization. From affordable platforms that test every element on a webpage to easy-to-navigate fine-tuners with great visual editors for your landing pages. With these tools, digital marketers can apply effective changes to websites or apps that will increase conversion rates in no time.

We developed this category as a directory suitable for every aspiring company with ambitions to thrive in the online market space. The tools included here are a must for everyone, from startups and small businesses to SaaS apps, eCommerce platforms, and even large corporations.