Running ads for an online platform can get very annoying. Here, we’ll file an archive of the best advertising tools that greatly simplify matters, to make one’s job and life easier.

The services that we included in this category can help anyone drive more traffic to their website or app while promoting their brand and creating awareness about their business.

Some of the tools included here have more specific purposes such as creating video ads or A/B testing for Facebook ads, and some are complete platforms for ads management and ads automation.

Whether you’re a startup that needs to find a suitable traffic source to boost brand awareness or an online marketing agency in search of a reliable ad retargeting platform that will allow you to achieve high conversion rates, the tools you’ll find here can help anyone accomplish better advertising. Sometimes configuring an ad campaign can be quite counter-intuitive, so getting one of these tools to do the legwork for you can be a very clever move.

That being said, the services featured in this category are affordable and offer pricing based on how much you spend on advertising. That makes them a perfect choice for young companies on a tight budget.