Saving time and money with services that will automatically start generating leads for a product is a dream come true for many entrepreneurs. Putting many business activities on autopilot can mean so much for a company.

Ideally, we believe it’s crucial for every automation tool to be optimized for safety and growth. So in this category, we handpicked tools that can deliver on both, and make processes happen on their own.

Some of the services featured here offer to extract lead data from emails, saving hours of time spent on manual data entry. Others are complete marketing solutions that include customer relationship management, marketing automation, and landing page generators.

Most suitable for startups who need to stay lean while they focus on other important strategies of their master plan. But also, great for accomplished companies who want to take some strain off of their teams.

What we really like about these tools is that they mimic human behavior and will get your work done as if you’ve hired real contractors. Just decide on one, set it up, and forget it. They are that good!