Let’s grasp the harsh reality – 90% of startups fail soon after the launch. But, it’s possible to mitigate that risk, especially if a business is armed with the right knowledge. Welcome to our collection of the best books every entrepreneur should read.

Here, we’ve curated an eclectic library of resources that can help you learn how to get your startup to the top. We feature reads that cover entrepreneurship and what it really takes to start a business, including pitching your ideas to investors and bootstrapping techniques, as well as books that focus on how to shape a company to become independent, crucial for everyone with a startup who prefers “the lifestyle business” – business owners who may still want to have a personal life.

Books are a source of invaluable tricks that can teach you lots about human relationships. For example, among our choices is a book that will instruct you on how to make people return favors, use their resources to help you out, and attract others toward your products. Another teaches applicable methodologies to create a profitable business for less money and more chances of success.

In short, if you want your business booming, these books are a must for your bookshelf.