In order to increase sales and business growth there always comes a need for new and exciting ways that increase brand loyalty and social engagement. But, there’s always that fear that certain sales tactics could appear to be over-the-top and alienate the customers instead of generating better leads. Well, there’s always an option, and in this situation that might just be the implementation of contests and giveaways.

On this page, we gather marketing apps that specialize in the creation and management of this type of event. Giveaways and contests can be powerful marketing tactics that startups can use to increase website traffic, expand email lists, gain social media followers, and produce targeted leads.

Every time you feel you’ve hit a roadblock, these tools can help you boost the stream of traffic to your business. Designed to create eye-catching contests, they will surely capture the attention of your customers and engage them to share and refer the contest to their followers.

While eCommerce businesses find this type of service very effective, pretty much any business can use their potential to build brand awareness, connect with their audience, and skyrocket their online growth.