Hard work and constant ambition can sometimes make one forget what makes a business really great: the customers. Tending to all of the clients’ needs is essential for steady growth and taking the company to the next level. And in terms of satisfying each and every customer, businesses seriously need to consider implementing a great CRM tool.

At, we’ve created a comprehensive collection of customer relationship management tools. Some are designed to specifically accommodate startups and SMBs, and some are more suitable for fast-growth service businesses, helping them research, connect, and generate more targeted leads for a guaranteed surge in conversion rates. All of it, for an affordable price.

There are also tools on this page that provide membership-based businesses and organizations with all of the means they need to acquire and retain new members. And some offer amazing integrations and APIs for eCommerce companies that allow them to customize and manage communications.

What’s common for these services is that they all combine the most important sales management functions on their platforms: sales force automation, email marketing solutions, and CRM, all in a single tool.