Customer Discovery

Every company needs a great marketing strategy in order to excel in the sales department. But first, figuring out what customers think about the products and services a company offers is key to successful growth. Evaluating if people think a product is well designed to meet their needs or if the shopping app is compact enough are only a couple of the many questions companies should ask their customers.

This is our category of the best customer discovery tools meant to help entrepreneurs find answers to all the questions they might have about their business. Quick, comprehensive, reliable answers. The services on this page are meant for everyone, from startups and small businesses to large enterprises and corporations.

At some point, every business needs to figure out what people really want. These tools will allow you to create surveys and run tests for your products, but also, you’ll get a chance to watch and listen to how users make their way through your website or app. Ask questions, like what people think about your competition, or if they completed the goals they had in mind when coming on your site.

You can refine your respondents by age, gender, niche, location, or any demographic you wish to target.