Email Tools

There are tons of tools and resources out there that serve to enhance the email experience and capture more leads. The problem is, there are so many, that the chances to end up using one that basically does nothing are actually pretty high. That’s why we at dedicated valuable time and went through hundreds of these tools so we could create a collection of the top email tools on the market suitable for every startup.

Here you can find apps that clean up your inbox from unwanted subscriptions and organize it in smart categories, like putting all of the unimportant emails into a “later” folder. There are also tools that perform automatic follow up messages and drips for your cold emails while creating automated email sequences that sound clever and creative.

Some of the services you can discover in this section function as complete CRM tools, others let you create email templates, schedule emails for a later time, and track recipients to know when they’ve read your emails. And for those in need of help with planning mass campaigns, we showcase tools that let you add individual contacts right from your inbox while performing advanced reply detection.