If you’re like us, you’d be willing to do anything for your business to succeed. There’s always a time when we rely on unconventional means to get to the finish line, and a little bit of spying won’t hurt anyone right? You can rest assured knowing we’re not talking about invading someone’s personal life. But when it comes to business, anything goes!

Spying on competitors to learn how they do business can result in lots of new ideas on how to improve and grow a business. In this section, we display the best espionage tools that can be of great help with such quests.

From free tools that unravel which technologies a site is built with, to services that perform analytics on a competitor’s website and return a ton of information on them, like what other online businesses are similar to them, how and where they get their traffic from, etc.

Startups often have trouble figuring out the right SEO strategy, so here they can try out tools that pull up backlinks for a targeted competitor. That way they can try to improve their rankings by imitating strategies.

Interesting plugins that pull up the LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and AngelList profiles of the person sending you an email are also on the list.