File Transfer

Sharing files on the internet is getting easier by the day. We share files with our friends and family constantly, and businesses certainly exchange large and delicate sets of data within the company or with external cooperators. But, that doesn’t mean that the first file transfer tool that comes up on the search results can be the right one. Many will do the trick, but are they actually safe and reliable?

We assembled this collection to assist you in the search for the service that best fits the description of a file transfer tool. The tools featured here not only provide plenty of storage, safety precautions, and sharing options for back and forth file transfers, but also fulfill all the safety standards for data transferring.

With low prices and pay-as-you-go fees, some of the tools that you can discover here are of crucial significance for startups and SaaS businesses. From project management platforms that make online collaboration as easy as a-b-c, to cloud services with synching features for all your company’s and team members’ devices. 

Some of the greatest file compression software and amazing MFT and FTP clients also made it into this category.