Forms are an excellent way to collect valuable information from visitors, whether that’s survey data, contact information, or lead generation. That being said, here are some of the best form builders on the market, all featuring the above-mentioned characteristics and more.

In this category, we’ll feature form builders that have many different purposes, but also possess all of the fundamental properties. Deciding between them shouldn’t be that tough, since most of them specialize in different areas.

Here you’ll find tools that turn forms into conversations in order to engage visitors and make them answer anything you wish. Services that create gorgeous, elegant forms that can change depending on the responses given during the filling out process. Solutions that embed dynamic forms for your site, and if integrated with an API tool, create infinite possibilities for what you can do with the form entries. Import the data into a spreadsheet and send it to your sales funnel team – they can be that powerful. If you own a static website, you know your options for forms are limited. Here you’ll discover tools that just add HTML or PHP code to your site and you’re set in minutes.

From individuals to enterprises, we cover form builders suitable for everyone’s needs.