An important factor for any startup is raising all the necessary funds in order to successfully launch and follow through with set goals. Today, we live in a time where there are more and more options and resources that help businesses manage and gather the funds required for launch. We want to help everyone discover the best fundraising services on the market and make the most of the tools they’ve placed their bets on.

In the collection we created here you’ll come upon different crowdfunding platforms where regular people can invest in your startup, and then earn a return if your startup turns successful (some offer loans that you can repay after you succeed, with no-interest rates). One of those crowdfunding platforms focuses especially on pre-orders for startups

We also included solutions that offer investors the opportunity to fund your startup even in the idea stage. We know, that’s insane, but they make it work by developing that idea with you from concept to fruition. A curated list of funding options with no equity to help your startup make it found its place here too.

Make sure to comb through every option here thoroughly and make your smart moves. Good luck!