Help Desks

Everyone wants their business to scale at warp speed. But not everyone is prepared for the following: with rapid growth and huge spikes in traffic comes the need for instant customer support. Especially in today’s digital environment, nobody will wait for hours, much less days, for their issues to be addressed. People will move onto the next best offer faster than expected.

This is why, in order to scale, you need to manage all of your support requests quickly. In this category, you’ll discover many cost-effective customer support tools that feature all-in-one solutions that can help you on this front. Packed with live chat, support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, phone, and email, these services offer online knowledge bases and informative articles as well. 

When doing customer support for your startup, you’ll notice that you’re answering similar questions all the time, so there are tools that can help lower your support team’s workload by suggesting smart preset answers to frequent questions and managing the support requests with tracking and ticketing as well.

Find services that allow you to better scale your support team, or outsource it if you can’t find suitable contractors in your area.