A great hosting service can painlessly get a website up and running without making one break their laptop in half. We’ve tried and tested dozens of web hosts, and below are the ones that came out on top.

If you’re keen on WordPress, we featured an amazing service that specializes in hosting only WordPress sites. They offer amazing optimization tools and if you ever need troubleshooting, their support is top-notch.

Are you the kind of startup that wants to host on your own server? If so, we have the right solution for you – a service that offers dedicated servers, manages them for you, and on top of everything, boasts a plethora of cloud management tools.

For SaaS and big data companies with large development teams, we included a service that can manage all of the development processes for your online platforms, from hosting servers to powerful development tools managed on the cloud.

And of course, there are the famous well-proven hosting providers that feature domain purchasing and email hosting with affordable packages cheaper than your morning coffee.

Carefully comb through our selection and choose wisely.