Every startup’s dream is to build the perfect lead generation machine in order to grow the business and expand its reach. Fortunately, there are many services out there to help with the process. We tested many and handpicked the best lead magnet tools that guarantee fast results.

In this premium library, we decided to feature a B2B customer data platform because of its advanced data selection system, account based marketing, and demographic filters. These are all incredibly valuable lead generation resources.

For those interested in listing verified leads from consumer brands, creative agencies, eCommerce, and IT companies, we included tools providing just that, and for those with a bigger budget we’ve got services that provide leads with a high accuracy rate and manage them for you.

If you need to contact a certain marketer, but you only know their name and no email address or phone number, we discovered a tool where you enter the info that you already know and the tool discovers other contact information about that person.

Another interesting way to bring in leads is a Twitter tool that automatically follows accounts based on the hashtags that you specify. That way, you can market your products to those interested in the niche.