List Building

There are tons of tools out there that promise to fill email lists with leads instantly. But the hard truth is that most of them are just money grabbers and provide less to nothing. You have to be very careful where you search and who you trust. For this reason, we’ve gone through dozens of tools to curate a collection of the best list builders on the market.

Let’s begin with a tool that allows you to easily create captivating lead forms for free. The lead capture forms are powerful and smart by design, asking the right questions at the right time and allowing you to gather valuable lead intelligence

Next up is a service that helps you reward the visitors who subscribe to your mailing list and share your content by organizing giveaways

Another great tool that we loved pledges to help startups grow their lists, increase traffic and shares, and improve conversions by using tools such as list builders, social sharing, heat maps, etc.

Last but not least, we have to mention a library with educational video courses on how to successfully launch and promote a project, and how to grow your mailing list and raise your subscribers’ number from 0 to 10k+.