Welcome to our collection of random stuff we deem useful for startups and entrepreneurs alike. We place everything that doesn’t fit into other categories here, so there’s basically a little bit of everything.

Entrepreneurship can turn into a very busy, unhealthy lifestyle really quick. And it’s crucial to keep your body in check, so for that reason we decided to include a meal replacement service that delivers you healthy protein powders and shakes that actually taste really good.

If you constantly use Reddit to dive into discussions of any kind, you can use this tool to track if anyone’s talking about your startup. It will send you a notification alert whenever you’re mentioned on the platform.

Another really useful tool lets you save any article you come upon but you don’t want, or don’t have the time, to read at the moment. Featuring an intuitive ad-free interface, it will suggest new articles and news according to what you save with it.

There’s also a handy tool that manages all of your passwords, from all platforms across all devices. It stores them for safekeeping and even lets you add a trustee in case something happens to you.