To maintain a steady relationship with clients and customers, every business needs to monitor its web performance on a regular basis. This is done best with the help of monitoring tools. Here, we handpicked the best monitoring services on the market that can constantly check a website’s uptime, page speed, server health, domain status, SSL renewals, and many more key aspects necessary for a website to function properly.

We included an affordable uptime monitoring solution that features 21 different check types to monitor website and email services and on-demand diagnostic tools to figure out why a service is failing.

Another similar tool offers many of the monitoring features we mentioned so far, but also includes an option that lets you know if you’re added to any blacklists.

In addition, we were impressed how a service that doesn’t actually have its own built-in monitoring features brilliantly integrates with more than 35 APIs to monitor everything about a business’ online presence – from social media stats and traffic to conversions and revenue, it keeps an eye on everything using a neat dashboard interface.