Building a professional network in today’s fast-paced business environment can be a constant struggle. And it’s even harder to decide which networking platform is the right one so that setting up an account and dedicating time to connect with others doesn’t feel forced and not worth the effort. In this category, we’ll showcase what we discovered to be the best networking platforms out there.

One particular service we’d like to highlight is a network where anyone can anonymously share a business idea, swipe through related ideas, and when two people share mutual feelings about the same idea, they get matched! Next, they get connected and are instantly able to chat about the business idea and see where that takes them. 

We also included services that allow entrepreneurs to connect and become co-founders, and collaborate on a startup. Advisors can join the network, offer their expertise, and potentially get on board for a project.

Another great app lets people meet each other based on their professional experiences. Basically, it’s a dating app, but it sorts and matches people based on their careers rather than your usual dating-app criteria.

Dive into each of these services to learn more about each and pick the one that suits you the best.