In the marketing world, your mailing list is your best friend. Newsletters are the perfect way to build long-term trust. They advance the business’ marketing strategy and steadily increase leads. This section is dedicated to the best newsletter services we constantly use for our projects.

Some of the tools featured in this category allow entrepreneurs to create their newsletters right inside Gmail. They’re great for bulk sending, possess amazing drag-and-drop editors, and even build lists and track performance – all using an interface you’re already familiar with.

For those with a daily flagship newsletter, we’d recommend one of the tools that let you edit and organize the text in a very simple manner, with the option to include articles you’ve previously saved while browsing the internet. For that particular purpose, we made sure to include tools that allow you to save articles you like and might want to use later on for your curated email shine.

A similar tool offers a clean newsletter experience for those who don’t want to get too deep into advanced reporting.

There’s even something for the tech-savvies that want to create perfectly optimized, responsive newsletters and integrate automation to capture as many leads as possible.