They say good organization is success half-earned. Organizing your work and business activities gives you a clear mind and lets you focus on every aspect of the workflow. With that in mind, we tested dozens of great organization services and we’re presenting you with those that stood out the most.

Our top recommendations include a very popular platform for online organization. It uses a mechanism that lets you move cards from one column to another. That way you can record and organize every task for your startup development or marketing ideas. This platform can also be an amazing funnel for your sales and fundraisers, as you can shift clients around columns as they go from cold leads to captured and interested.

We also decided to feature a tool that, at a first glance, appears to be only a simple to-do list, but it can transform into so much more. It’s flexible enough to become a place for brainstorming, mapping pathways, connecting segments, and storing ideas.

Similar tools offer project management integration, progress monitoring, and even CRM implementation. They’re great for startups and SMBs since they can be used to manage whole teams by making it easy for you to assign tasks to different team members.