Regardless of whether you have an established company or you’re just starting a new business, you need to apply effective outreach techniques to keep driving sales and attract new leads at the same time. To reach out means to get the word about your business out and increase exposure. That’s why we at StartupResources.io put together a library of the best outreach services to help businesses create more traction.

Among the services is a media monitoring system for small businesses that provide stats for both traditional and social media. It’s powered with features that allow companies to apply immediate responses to negative opinions, instead of staying ignorant for ages, letting negative content destroy their reputation.

Another service that functions as a CRM for outreach efforts grants you access to millions of influencers whom you can connect with to get your brand and products out there.

On that note, we also feature tools that will help you reach out to journalists and media outlets so you can pitch them about your startup and get them to write about you, or at least mention your brand in an industry-related article.