Pop Ups

Applying pop-ups on your website can sometimes be annoying for your users, but nobody can deny the numerous benefits they create for your business. They can drive more sales, grow your mailing lists, generate more leads, and even improve the customer experience by catching the visitors’ attention and engaging them with what they’d usually miss on their regular scroll. Below is a library of the best pop-up tools.

Every tool that you’ll find in this category is packed with all the necessary features that a pop-up tool should possess. They all feature exit-intent, which means they’ll be triggered to appear at the moment when a visitor intends to leave your platform, providing you with a chance to convert them to leads on their way out the door.

The tools in this section include free plans that suit basic websites and paid plans featuring every variation on the traditional pop-up. With the A/B testing option they offer, you can decide what call to action would be most effective for your business and which pop-up style to use.

Some of the tools are so advanced that they feature API integration and create pop-ups that not only happen on exit-intent but also have a customizable trigger element.