Pre-Launch Traction

It’s a popular belief that once you launch your business, your online presence should be under construction until your platform is fully ready to operate. Well, contrary to that opinion, there’s so much more you can do even before you launch your website or app. There are many tools on the internet that you can use to drive traffic and get people interested in your brand, and for that reason, we compiled a category of the best pre-launch traction tools.

Most of the tools we picked offer to set up a subscription form on your website before it goes live, to allow people to sign up and get notified about your launch date. It’s amazing how long your list can grow if you offer everyone who signs up a reward in the form of a discount code for a product, something free, or the opportunity for early entry. 

If the offer is enticing enough to get visitors to share it on social media, it can have a viral effect and create incredible traction for your brand.

On this page, you can also find many tools that list startups that haven’t launched yet. Make sure to sign up and get your startup featured on their lists.