Conducting thorough research to discover what people actually want can be extremely beneficial for a business’ development and for its marketing strategy. For that reason, we gathered the best research tools to help startups and young companies grow and accomplish their goals.

If you ever question whether your idea would prove to be successful, we’ve got just the right service for you. A place where you simply draft your idea and they take care of everything else. That includes designing a suitable questionnaire, finding the target respondents for it, and delivering a thorough report with the results.

A similar service offers you the option to post your idea yourself to a group of people based on their industry, gender, age, location, etc. It’s a great way for uncovering different opinions and accumulating feedback.

There’s also a subscription email service that sends you weekly curated emails containing amazing information on upcoming market trends and reports on fresh market opportunities with actionable insights. It also grants you access to a first-rate community where accomplished entrepreneurs exchange ideas.

Another great platform features content research and content discovery based on your niche in order to help with your content marketing efforts. They also have a base of influencers that you can use to promote your content.