Spending time, energy, and resources on marketing and sales is never a bad choice. Focusing on the right aspects of these processes is a proven way of growing a business exponentially. Choosing the right resources to do so can be a bit challenging, that’s why we created a list of the best sales tools on the market.

Here, you’ll discover amazing sales and marketing automation platforms that are conversation-driven – meaning that they process lead qualification through skillful conversations.

Some serve as productivity apps and CRMs. You can coordinate everything with them – manage the sales team and the obtained data, and funnel open deals tracking.

Similar CRM tools offer automatic data entry by tracking communications and then logging the information in the system so you don’t have to contact customers yourself.

Any time you need to present your digital product to a prospect, you can use a tool that provides screen-sharing with great ease. Works on any device and browser, and you can turn it on at any point during a call. 

Another great tool that guarantees an increase in sales offers cold email marketing. Featuring amazing templates with tips on how to crack down on the psychological aspect of a lead, you can set up this tool effortlessly and for free.