Sales Funnels

Startups are often in the need of implementing sales funnel mechanisms and they usually rely on multiple services to do so. Primarily, that is because most of the tools provide a one-sided aspect of the sales funnel methodology, so companies pay to use the services of more than one tool. At, we made the effort of arranging a category of the best sales funnel services to help businesses work their way up.

We tried to focus on smart solutions that will properly funnel your leads to the path that you desire – which is most often sales. A tool that excels greatly in that regard allows setting up upselling in order to further increase sales revenue.

Most of the services you’ll find here include A/B testing for improving conversion rates and generating more leads. Retargeting practices ensure that you can re-engage most of your abandoning visitors by pointing them to another page or offering discounts or privileges.

Some of the tools featured here even offer email drip campaigns to pull back customers that abandon the cart on your eCommerce site, by sending them emails with clever tricks that capitalize on their fear of missing out, like offering them a coupon.