Site Support

Startups usually can’t afford to onboard a development team permanently. They hire developers on a contract, and when they face additional issues with their websites, they don’t have anyone to fix the problems. For this reason, we assembled a collection of the best site support services, to help you whenever you’re facing difficulties with your website.

Our top recommendation for everyone using WordPress is a 24/7 instant support service that has a flat rate for any issue you might encounter. Whether it’s an unresponsive plugin, theme malfunctioning, malware infection, or you can’t even figure out what’s broken, they’ll fix it all. Sleeping is easier when you know these guys will be there whenever you give them a holler.

If your website is built on the Squarespace platform, we feature support tools that’ll provide the improvements and fixes that you request for your site. What is really great about one of those tools, is that their team works on your site while you’re on a video call with them, so you can observe the process through screen-sharing.

Additionally, you’ll discover a tool, targeted for eCommerce and SaaS companies, that provides on-demand access to skilled designers and expert web developers for Bigcommerce, Shopify, or WordPress who offer affordable prices.