Stock Photos

No one takes pleasure in receiving a cease and desist letter. Stealing someone else’s content can not only result in a lawsuit, but it also leaves a bad mark on your company’s reputation. Especially if you’re a startup – you’ll only make a bad name for your business.

However, obtaining cheap images that you can lawfully use is an easy feat nowadays. With our collection of the best stock photo services, you can supply your company with a database where you can search for any images you might need, for whatever the purpose.

A personal favorite of ours is a free stock photo collection that’s powered by creators from all over the world. What we really love about it is that it has breathtaking photography of architecture and nature, and some amazing images depicting current events and trending topics.

Another interesting tool that provides free stock photos has a premium plan to help fund photographers around the world to create better photography and share it in the database. 

At the end of the day, if your budget is really tight, rest assured that there are many services offering stock imagery that’s absolutely free. And one tool that we featured here offers to search through about 40 free stock photos databases