Without traction, your startup is next to dead. For this reason, we hunted down the best traction tools on the internet and put together a nice collection to help you get your traffic up.

Whenever you want considerable traction for your brand, but you’re not in the mood to pay at the moment, with any of the services we feature on this list you can give visitors something in exchange for a share. Offer them discounts, free e-books, or more giveaway entries, simply by making them tweet about your brand.

You’ll also discover a very elegant tool that lets you add a call-to-action button to every article you share. You’ll get a shortened URL of the original page and a floating tag at the bottom of it, which you can link to your website or social media. It’s a great way to optimize conversions and capture more leads.

There’s a high chance that your startup idea isn’t anything new. If there are other successful businesses similar to yours, you can get listed as a great alternative to them, just by submitting your startup into a directory that we shared in this category. Get your friends to upvote it, and you’ll soon notice positive changes to the traction you’re usually used to receiving.