User Chat

A chat is worth a hundred emails. We’ve all been in customers’ shoes and we know how contacting a service through chat simplifies everything. That’s why it’s important for every company that sells online to implement chat support on their platform. Since these systems are affordable and easy-to-set-up, every startup with a quest to convert and capture more leads should integrate one as part of its customer support.

Here’s our collection of the best user chat services on the market:

Increase customers’ satisfaction by helping them in real-time with a service that does so in a very elegant and powerful way. Packed with tracking and triggers, this tool features great visual customization and effective metrics as well.

Similar services offer canned responses and scripted answers in case you’re constantly answering the same questions. Others let you watch what the visitor does on your site, in real-time.

All in all, each of these tools boasts a gorgeous dashboard for easy navigating – something that’s very important when you need to get back to your customers in a quick manner. Hooking them up with iOS or Android is also super simple, and very convenient if you take your work anywhere you go.