Half of the consumers who shop online state that videos give them more confidence in their purchasing decisions. Implementing videos about your business’ services and products can be highly beneficial, especially for startups. 

Videos are basically cheap commercials – they help with the overall SEO, build trust, and drive branding. In this section, you can discover our compilation of the best video tools you can use to improve your marketing and convey your message visually.

Choose from a fantastic library of 3.5 million premium video clips to design your marketing videos with a tool that features a super convenient video editor and even includes pre-edited voice and music tracks. You can not only create videos for your website, but also video ads compatible with the format of different social networks.

In recent years, it has become a practice for many emerging businesses to create short animated videos, explaining what they do, or how their products/services work. This is a great idea that can help you stand apart from the competition, and help your customers understand your unique value proposition through this fast and visually appealing format. If you’re interested in that kind of approach, you’ll find just the right tool that does the job right below.