Writing Tools

Content is a key factor for SEO and marketing improvement. Companies pay top dollar to hire skilled content writers for all of their content to be well-optimized, in order to excel in both conversions and capturing leads.

We went through many services on the internet that offer help with better writing, and here we gathered the best writing tools. Whether you’re doing your own writing, or you have a team of content writers, try and test these tools – their benefits will grant results in no time.

Our personal recommendation is an app that you can use to write and edit your content. What’s so special about it is that it analyzes your copy and lets you know where you can make improvements. Increase the readability by shortening sentences that the tool marks for you or look at the suggestions the tool gives you for adverbs that you can remove and phrases that you can simplify.

Additionally, there’s a similar tool that segments a whole article into paragraphs and keeps track of your listed keywords to let you know how often you should mention them.

There’s also a very convenient browser extension that lets you take notes within your tabs, and then transfer them to other notes apps, like Evernote.