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Agile CRM

Description: A flexible and full-featured CRM, Agile can do just about anything and plug into a ton of different APIs to keep track of leads and progress with sales. Connect it to everything from social media to SMS systems to your billing, or even Zapier.



Description: Sales CRM that integrates really well with Gmail and tracks all communication whether or not your sales team actively uses it. Also has a great app.



Description: Automatically brings in demographic data to segment customers, and has amazing integrations with e-commerce to customize communicatoins.



Description: Asana is really more for team management, but is flexible enough that a lot of people use it for a CRM. Manage tasks among several people as well as internal communications.


Description: is a sales-focused CRM, initially created for the internal sales tool by Steli Efti and the rest of Elastic Sales for their "Sales as a Service" company. helps you track the progress of leads in your funnel and keep track of when you contacted people. The main idea is to reduce workload by not requiring you to do a bunch of sales work then go manually record it in a CRM, but instead to automatically record your sales efforts in


Freshsales CRM

Description: Freshsales CRM has AI-based lead scoring, built-in phone, email, activity capture and more. They have a free plan for up to 10 users.



Description: Leadscore is awesome because it combines an email marketing platform, sales force automation, and CRM all into one single tool. It's competitively priced and powerful, so it's perfect for small businesses and startups.



Description: Formerly called RelateIQ, a friend of mine raved about this system because it allowed him to know what every remote team member was getting done, so that he didn't have to check in with them and continually ask what they were getting accomplished. SalesforceIQ's focus is improving your sales team with better intelligence on the relationship that your company has with its customers. Anyone into sales knows that a connection and relationship is what closes the deal, so that's what SalesforceIQ is for.


Teamgate CRM

Description: Teamgate is an inbound CRM designed specifically for startups and SMBs . Teamgate offers all lead generation and sales management functions. Your business will benefit from powerful insights, implemented SmartDialer and a wide API connection range. Award-winning for its ease of use, Teamgate is the only Sales CRM for fast-growth service businesses helping them to connect, research, present and close more inbound leads with a guaranteed increase in success rate at a very competitive price.



Description: Teamleader enables small and medium-sized businesses to stay organized, build better relationships and collaborate with their team in a single tool. A simple and straightforward interface with a variety of integrations allows growing enterprises to successfully manage their clients, be more efficient, and work smarter.

Categories: Productivity, administration tool, enterprise software, CRM



Description: Zenbership is open source software that provides membership-based small businesses & organizations with the tools they need to acquire, convert, and retain members. The program is designed to combine multiple tools into a single platform, freeing up businesses to focus on efficiently marketing their services rather than trying to manage them.


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