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Can't have a Startup without a domain name


Description: If you need to register domains that aren't easily available in the US, try EuroDNS, which will give you access to all sorts of TLDs you can't purchase with the usual registrars. Need a .bo domain for your cool new site They have all the unusual domain endings that will let you get the domain you really want.



Description: There are so many places that you could buy a domain name, but NameCheap comes highly recommended by a ton of Startup professionals because of the quality of the system, the pricing, and the easy of setup. It's where I buy all my domains now. And if you want one of these sexy .io domains, you don't have to pay $80 anymore, as NameCheap offers them for less than half of that. Don't buy domains anywhere else.



Description: Have an idea of a name for your Startup but can't quite nail it down? Have no idea at all what to name it? Take two words or ideas and put them into NameMesh and it will show you all the possible domain names based on the amalgamations of those two words.



Description: Can't think of a good name for your Startup? Frustrated because every decent dot com is taken already, squatted by some guy that wants $15k for it? Take a word or two and input into Panabee and it will show you all the combinations and possible plays on spelling so that you can find a domain that is still available.


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